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Update 6/1/19 – Visiting Affordable Web Hosting – Now Starting at $1.99/month

Looking for an affordable web hosting provider?

You may want to check out Visiting. It’s what I’m using here for this blog, where I’ll be sharing my wealth building process, through the application of marketing systems.

There are multiple web hosting options available, starting at only $2.70/month with no contracts. Perfect for text heavy sites like this one.

Even if you are more video heavy, there are plenty of solutions for that, such as simply linking to your YouTube Channel.

Very easy to get a site up and going fast with fully integrated WordPress. Great for beginners looking to learn, or if you want to pass over the design to a professional.

Stay tuned for more digital marketing tips and strategies to come here. Make sure to check out my introduction HERE to get a feel for what type of content you can expect to find.

-Chris Cunningham

***Update on this. Had my first customer service interaction with Visiting today and it went great. Got an email response within a few hours. Also installed by SSL Certificate for me with no issues.***

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