The Amazon Affiliate Program Success Formula

To learn the basics of affiliate marketing and get a feel for best practices in the industry, the Amazon Affiliate Program and ClickBank are two good places to start. They both appeal to a very wide audience and have a ton of different products you can sell.

With global eCommerce sales projected to reach 4.5 trillion by 2021, we’re talking about a massive industry here.

That being said, if you don’t have the proper focus or aren’t following the right strategy, it’s very easy to get lost in a world of endless offers, low conversions, and very small commissions.

So in this article I’ll go over my success formula in using the amazon affiliate program and show you how you can succeed there too.

To be clear, this isn’t going to teach you how to create some multi-million dollar amazon store. And I’m certainly not going to make any income promises or that in 30-60 days you’re going to be raking in the affiliate commissions. But that is all possible over time.

What I will provide you with is a specific and practical example of how you can supplement your income with the amazon affiliate program, with monthly commissions coming in on autopilot.

All done with minimal effort and ZERO advertising cost. A process that can be repeated over and over again.

Amazon Affiliate Program Success – The Process

We’re going to be applying the same online success formula that most everyone who wins online uses. So let’s break down step-by-step how to do it with the amazon affiliate program. We’re going to focus on WHO, WHAT, and HOW. And after that I’ll give you my specific example of how I applied this success strategy. I’ll even show you my actual results.

Step 1 (WHO) – Start with an Audience, NOT A PRODUCT.

Your instinct might be to pick a product first. That’s the way most people think when it comes to sales. That’s definitely the WRONG way to go. Keep reading and it will make sense.

Instead you want to choose an audience first.

Having troubles picking an audience? My suggestions is start with one you know, even one that you already interact with regularly online. Knowing your audience is going to be key.

Step 2 – WHAT Does this audience want? Need?

Ask yourself what problems this audience is facing? What solutions are they looking for that you can help them with. Maybe it’s something that you were personally struggling with and that you have found a solution for.

In this case, with a specific product available in the amazon affiliate program. We’re looking for a specific way to provide value to this audience, by ACTUALLY helping them.

Step 3 – HOW Does Your Offer Help

In however you choose to present the amazon affiliate program product you are offering (social media, blog article, YouTube video, emailing your list, etc) focus on a few key benefits your target audience will receive.

Again we focus on AUDIENCE first. So we don’t just list of a bunch of features of the product. People can get that information anywhere.

For them to buy from you, they need to be receiving value from you, which is not just repeating data to them.

It’s showing them exactly what problems they are experiencing, what pain points in their life they are going through, that you can help with, via the product or service you are offering.

This strategy works for any product, program, business or opportunity. But in this case we’re focused on the amazon affiliate program, so let me give you a specific example related to that.

How I Applied This Online Success Strategy

I’ve previously covered one amazon affiliate success of mine in another article.

To summarize, I own a Tesla Model 3. I was struggling to find a good USB drive to use with their built in Dashcam setup. Eventually I found a solution that worked great. I then saw a ton of other people having the same problem in a couple of Facebook groups that I was already a member of and that I was already engaging in.

So I put together a blog article along with a video walk-through and included amazon affiliate links to the products I used. Nothing fancy, just passing along my solution to a very specific problem for a very specific audience.

On top of all the gratitude I’ve received from helping people, this one article and video have also generated a ton of sales, and therefore commissions for me.

A little less than 5 months later, this one article has generated well over 500 sales. Most recently, in the last 30 days, 67 sales, with a 23% conversion rate.

amazon affiliate program

Now, this is amazon here, so the affiliate commissions are less than 4%. I want to be fully transparent here, so you can see above this represents $60.88 in commissions for me.

Not impressed? Well, I actually am!

Keep in mind this is from 2 links, posted in one single article. An article that now has 393 social shares and over 9300 video views. I never advertised these links or my article and I’m definitely no expert You-tuber. I just shared it in a few groups. Again, groups I was already spending time engaging in.

Now, I’m making over $50/month residually while doing nothing. Not breaking the bank, but imagine doing this over and over again. Solving more problems for more audiences.

Or what if you were doing this with your own products, retaining all the revenue. Or with some other top affiliate programs, that are much higher priced items and that pay much higher commissions rates.

How To Easily Surpass My Amazon Affiliate Program Results

So like I said in the introduction to this article, this isn’t some get rich quick strategy. My goal here was to provide a simple and real world example of how to apply the online success formula to the amazon affiliate program. How far you want to take it is entirely up to you.

I honestly don’t put a ton of time into amazon affiliate sales myself. But I do use it when convenient and when I’m already creating content that I know is going to help people. We all make recommendations to people all the time. So why not earn commissions while doing so.

So while I prefer other top affiliate programs to generate recurring monthly income, the amazon affiliate program can be a great way to add additional income streams. In fact, affiliate marketing in general can be a great way to generate cash-flow and supplement income both personally or for any online business.

Do so by focusing on audiences you know well and that you may already be engaging with, so you already know how to help them. Determine what they need and then let them know how you can help. WHO, WHAT, HOW. That’s the formula.

You can certainly do what I did above over and over again and that $50 a month on this link and then another $50 per month on another link adds up fast. Keeping in mind this is a zero ad cost strategy.

So determine your WHO, WHAT, and HOW. Then pick an amazon affiliate program product and get started.

-Chris Cunningham

P.S. If you’re a new marketer, read my 3 Step Guide to Getting Started in Online Marketing.

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