Aweber Email System | Aweber Review & Cost | Is It Right For You?

If you’re looking to build an email list and create multiple streams of income with your online marketing, then you’re going to need an email marketing system. In this article we’ll discuss Aweber and how you might be able to use the Aweber Email System.

A crucial component of any online marking strategy is the ability to capture leads and automate the process of communicating with these leads. You need to get offers in front of your list. So that your average value per lead can support your marketing efforts, and therefore, the growth of your online business.

So keep reading for my full review of Aweber, a product that I myself am personally using, and how it may be able to help you.

Published: 8/6/19
Rating: 4.2/5.0

Utilize the Aweber Email System to help better communicate with your prospects and customers.

Aweber As a Marketing Tool

So, is the Aweber Email System a solution you can use to help implement this Online Success Strategy? It certainly can be, and is a good place to start, as it packs a lot of features in to an affordable price. (more on price later)

If you’ve read any of my previous articles, such as my Kartra Review, you know I’m a Kartra user. I mostly use their email system, as it’s very robust with great deliverability rates and is already including with Kartra.

That being said, I still love Aweber, and have kept my account with them. It still comes in handy when sending high volume emails and when I’m making lower tiered offers.

Aweber is a very reputable email marketing service provider. It’s friendly to most types of affiliate and network marking opportunities and serves over 115,000 small businesses across the globe.

If you’re using our blog platform as a marketing system, you definitely want to have an email service like Aweber.

Key Aweber Email System Features

First off, the Aweber Email System is just a solid autoresponder, with good deliverability rates and excellent customer support. With so many users, there’s no shortage of free resources out there to help you get the most out of Aweber.

Aweber Ease of Use

A common theme to most of my reviews is, if it’s not easy to use, it isn’t going to get a high rating. Aweber certainly is.

It allows you to quickly and easily send out broadcast messages to your list, scheduled as you like, to whatever lists or tagged portions thereof that you want.

Or create automated campaigns to follow up with your prospects. Simple, drag and drop campaign building is a breeze to work with.

aweber email system
Aweber Campaigns

And lead collection is a breeze using Aweber’s own built int forms. You’ll actually see a Aweber form on this blog, either on the right menu on desktop, or down at the bottom on mobile. That’s my subscribe to this blog form that automatically monitors my RSS feed and sends out pre-formatted emails to my subscribers every time I post a new blog.

Aweber also provides a solid set of analytics that help you analyze your open rates and create follow up messaging accordingly.

Aweber Pricing

Aweber’s pricing is pretty straightforward. Starting at $19/month and increasing based on the number of subscribers you have. Making it a good choice for those that are moving from a free email system to a paid one for the first time.

aweber email system
Aweber Pricing

Aweber’s Limitations

As I said, for the price, Aweber is a strong choice. But we must mention that what once was one of the most popular email platforms, has been consistently losing market share. In my opinion, here’s some reasons why.

Lacking Advanced Automations

When I say advanced, I’m referring to many of the automations that numerous other vendors now provide. Aweber was right on par with everyone else in the past but just has not been updating their automations to keep up with the times.

Branching of email campaigns, running parallel automations, triggering automations based upon specific user interactions like purchasing a product, or replying to an email, or watching a certain portion of a video, just aren’t possible in Aweber. These are all things I can easily accomplish with Kartra Mail.

If you’re not looking for sophisticated automation, like I’m not with my blog subscriber list, than this limitation may not concern you at all.

Outdated Templates

Aweber’s email templates have sort of a retro feel to them to me.

Don’t get me wrong, they have a ton of templates. Just not my taste. But you can easily design and create your own. It’s just an extra step that takes a little bit more time.

Low Cost Can Lead to SPAM

The downside of an attractive price point and system that is affiliate marketing and network marketing friendly is that it can attract spammy content.

Even if that isn’t you, my concern is that the more low quality emails that go out through their system, the less likely your own messages are to arrive in your subscribers inbox.

Simply put, the higher the cost of the service, the higher quality of marketers you usually get using it. Who tend to send out high quality, value added emails, that the email deliverability powers that be tend to like.

Email deliverability rates are a very crucial factor to consider. Aweber is definitely solid in this department, but not the best, in my opinion.

Final Thoughts – Aweber Email System

Despite it’s limitations, I’m still giving the Aweber Email System a respectable 4.2 out of 5.0 rating. For the price, it’s just solid and can accomplish a lot of things.

If this is your first venture into email automation, you should find Aweber easy to use and will no doubt learn a lot about email marketing by using it.

The best way to determine if Aweber is right for you though is to give their 30-day free trial a shot.

30-day Free Aweber Trial

For me, Aweber just lacks the advanced automation that I’m looking for in an email marketing system. It’s a solid autoresponder, but not a full fledged email marketing platform.

But it can certainly compliment a more robust system like Kartra, which is why I am still an Aweber user. And Aweber may be a good starting point for you, or a good permanent solution for certain aspects of your online marketing business.


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