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Have you heard of Behavioral Adaptive Marketing?

It’s not really a difficult concept. It’s a marketing strategy that changes based on how your prospect or customer interacts with your content.

Makes sense, right? You’ve no doubt witnessed itself when you’ve searched for a product on Amazon. Then before you know it an ad for that product pops up on your Facebook or Instagram.

Likewise, if someone comes to your site for the first time, that message is different than if they are a return visitor. Or your autoresponder sends one message to someone who just entered your sales funnel, and a different one to someone who placed items in their cart, but didn’t purchase.

So why doesn’t everyone use BAM? Well, its not easy to implement, which is why services like Kartra have become more popular, and you see many big name successful online marketers using Kartra.

Manually trying to manage all the possible combinations of interactions with your marketing, and then custom tailoring the message every step of the way, is just too exhaustive for any one individual to take.

Just like many experienced marketers long ago stopped building their own funnels, instead leaning on Clickfunnels or many other services. Now many are looking for outside help in implementing Behavioral Adapted Marketing across their entire marketing system.

It’s certainly something to consider if you’re looking to optimize your process and increase your revenue per lead.

Kartra also includes a bunch of other tools and services under one roof, so you’ll no doubt reap some cost savings if you decide to go that route.

Plus, they have a great affiliate program.

-Chris Cunningham

An example of how I’m using BAM…

kartra behavioral adaptive marketing

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