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What I’m not going to provide you with here is some seemingly random list of the Best Online Marketing Opportunities. Such a list just isn’t possible as its very subjective and often biased.

What this article will provide you is a strategy towards remaining in control of your OWN business, no matter what online marketing opportunity you choose. Whether that be affiliate marketing, network marking, or selling your own product or service.

Let’s define exactly what we’re talking about here and then cover the exact strategy you need to achieve this.

HINT: It’s the same strategy that all the big name online marketers use, it’s just an often overlooked one.

The Best Online Marketing Opportunities Put You In Control

So what do we mean by control? Ultimately this comes down to you having ownership of your own online business. To be building an asset of your own and that you can monetize in whatever way YOU choose. This could be as simple as building an email list or customer base.

If you’re just driving traffic to an affiliate offer, without capturing any info yourself, then you are just building someone else’s business. I see a lot of ClickBank affiliates doing this. You are 100% at the mercy of the product owner and you have no control.

Or maybe you’re a network marketer. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that and I think some of the best online marketing opportunities out there follow this business model.

But you must understand that your downline, which you are putting a ton of time and effort into building, could go away AT ANY TIME. And not just because of some nefarious activity or questionable legal or ethical practices.

Sure there are plenty of those types of examples in network marketing that leads to it getting a bad reputation as in industry, but there are also plenty of other examples too.

One Simple Example

For instance, look at Advocare. A company that has been successfully in business for decades. I won’t pretend to understand all the inner workings of went wrong there. All that really matters is that their network marketing compensation plans have recently stopped. There’s a bunch of rumors why that really don’t matter. In the end this family run company decided that business model wasn’t in their best interests anymore, which they are entitled to do.

And I’m not picking on Advocare here, it’s just a recent example of my larger point. That anyone inside a network marketing opportunity is NOT IN CONTROL of their own online business. These types of online opportunities can be very exciting and reward you for being fully committed to them.

But what happens when that company shifts their focus or makes significant changes? What are you left with? Do you have a strategy to deal with that, and to do so with ease? Or are you just going to jump to another similar opportunity?

There’s a millions reasons why continuing to jump from one opportunity to the next is a horrible strategy. Yet we continually see people doing this.

Painfully, over and over again.

Some call it shiny object syndrome. I think it’s really because they don’t know any better. Maybe they were brought into an opportunity by someone who doesn’t understand the difference between Marketing and Promotion. Or they were just focused on the end results and had no duplicatable and systematic process to get those results.

Whatever the specific reason, they simply were not following the one single strategy for online success that can be applied to any opportunity.

How to Make The Best Opportunity Whatever One You Want

The solution is not to avoid affiliate marketing, or avoid network marketing. Some say the best online marketing opportunities must involve having your own product. Yeah, that’s great, but not achievable for many, especially when just getting started in online marketing.

We want a realistic approach that you can apply to any product, program, opportunity and business online.

I’m a huge fan of Intent Based Branding, as I think it’s a hugely beneficial strategy that helps attract loyal customers that continue to buy from you again and again. It taps into a lot of the popular online marketing buzzwords these days like attraction marketing and personal branding.

But all those fancy terms mean nothing if you are not building your OWN BUSINESS THAT YOU CONTROL.

Let’s Get Realistic Here – Implementation

OK now. We realize we want and need to maintain control of our own business to succeed online. But how do we do that? Where do we begin? The thoughts of trying to do this on our own can be overwhelming.

I simply choose not to do it on my own. I absolutely needed a system to help generate leads and automate sales. But one that I could customize and personalize, and certainly not one tied to any one specific opportunity, that you don’t control.

The key to any such system is the ability to generate upfront Cashflow to fuel the growth of my business.

To have a Predictable Cashflow Formula to follow that is focused on solving the specific problems your ideal prospect is facing. This is the SINGLE STRATEGY used by everyone that is successful online. They have their own personal variations, but it’s all the same underlying strategy.

Follow the Formula

Make sure you understand this formula. See it in writing HERE.

See how you can use it to create your own product at some point, or just become a much more effective and therefore successful affiliate or network marketer. All while tapping into the power necessary to easily scale and grow your business. Through a sophisticated and adaptable system, with built in commission generating products if you like, or that you can completely customize if you so desire. All without the design and tech headaches.

Whether you are looking to build your own home based business, or are already an online marketer looking to grow, it’s the same formula and online success strategy you need to follow.

predictable cashflow formula online success strategy
Online Success Strategy

See the system I use, or use someone else’s, or create your own. That’s entirely up to you and is relative to your available time and skill level. The predictable cashflow formula and online success strategy applies regardless.

Just make sure you have a plan that you can control. So that you are not tied down to one opportunity, but are able to build your own loyal customer base that is attracted to whatever you have to offer.

Make the best online marketing opportunities out of whatever you want, with real marketing, done simple.

Notice I didn’t say easy. But if you are willing to work for it, you absolutely can learn this strategy and tap into the power of it.

I know, because I have!

-Chris Cunningham

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