Best Online Marketing Strategy to Attract Customers

Here’s My Best Online Marketing Strategy to Avoid Customer Disappointment

What do I mean by disappointment? You could also call it frustration or aggravation as a result of online advertising or online sales transactions. Simple put, this comes from crappy marketing. So, what’s the best online marketing strategy to avoid this?

Ultimately, it comes down to Marketers not understanding the difference between REAL Marketing and Promotion.

This leads to consumer disappointment. We’ve all been there. We buy something online and don’t get anything close to what we expected. This happens a few times and then we start to look at all online advertising with a negative bias. And justifiably so.

As a consumer we can all do our part and not buy from someone unless they have already provided us value.

As marketers, we shouldn’t expect sales if we have not already proven our worth. Can you get sales online without doing so? Sure. But if the end result is consumer disappointment, you can be sure you’re not going to be hearing from that customer again.

Our goal as marketers should be to attract loyal customers, whom continue to buy from us again and again, due to the value we are providing. This is the heart of Intent Based Branding, and a great way to overcome the negative bias many have towards online advertising.

So my best online marketing strategy is simply to attract customers through the value I provide, upfront, prior to any sales. It’s the only way I know how to predictably generate cash flow. Look at what all the big name marketers out there are doing.

Like Clockwork. Over and Over again!

Sure, there are variation of the strategy that works best for say Facebook Small Business Marketing, or for LinkedIn marketing. But it all comes down to the same overall strategy that everyone winning online is using.

-Chris Cunningham

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