Best Strategy For LinkedIn Marketing In 2019

The Best Strategy For LinkedIn Marketing Is Not a New One

Many people, like myself, have always viewed LinkedIn as a professional network, mostly for job seekers. That it was for those looking to connect with people that they already know and do business with. While that may have been true, its not anymore, as it’s now a very content heavy platform. As a result LinkedIn marketing is becoming huge. So, here’s my best strategy for LinkedIn Marketing in 2019.

And keep reading to the end, where I show how you can add LinkedIn to your social media repertoire with very little extra effort. I have a specific social media strategy that works great and takes away any potential overwhelm.

Treat it Like You Did Facebook Or Instagram A Few Years Ago

If you’re any sort of serious internet marketer or maybe are into affiliate marketing, you’ve probably noticed the organic reach of your content dropping big time.

That’s no surprise, as Facebook wants you to advertise more. And heck, their ads are pretty darn cheap considering the high level of targeting and reach, so it’s not a bad strategy on its own.

But, if you’re looking for that old school organic reach and to build real relationships like you did 5 years ago on Facebook, I think LinkedIn is now the place to be. Relationship building is a huge part of my marketing as I use a lot of Intent Based Branding.

LinkedIn is simply a younger platform, and is therefore offering a lot more organic reach to grow itself. Us online marketers love organic reach. And for now LinkedIn loves it, so take advantage of that.

2 Specifics Things To Do in Your LinkedIn Marketing

So what exactly should you do? It really comes down to building a network of like minded individuals. You do that First by engaging in a value added way, just like you should on all social media platforms.

That’s Marketing 101, understanding the difference between Real Marketing and just Promoting. It’s the #1 mistake I see most online marketers make.

There’s lots of ways to do this in your LinkedIn Marketing. You can search top posts or hashtags in your field or niche and start interacting and engaging. Have a systematic and consistent approach in doing so. I’m still early on in my marketing there, but as soon as I started engaging, the invitations to connect started rolling in.

And to my surprise, the vast majority of the invitations to connect that I received were not followed up with any spammy offers. It is still a very professional heavy network, but one that is now very content heavy as well.

In addition to interacting with other’s posts and content, the Second specific thing you can do in your LinkedIn Marketing is write your own articles.

best strategy for LinkedIn marketing

This is a great way to educate, add value, and ultimately attract loyal customers, because you have already proven your worth to them.

Will This Work For Me / Another Social Media Platform?

For many of you the thought of managing another social media profile is exhausting. And you may be wondering if LinkedIn is even a good platform for your niche.

Well, if you’re reading this blog, you’re probably interested in online marketing. For sure having a strategy for LinkedIn Marketing will help. But it will help some more than others depending on what your offers are.

If, say, you’re solely offering lower priced ClinkBank affiliate products, you probably won’t find a ton of end customers on LinkedIn. But, if you’re targeting business owners, self-employed individuals, or any work from home types, LinkedIn may be where it’s at for you.

Like I said before, it is still a very professional platform, so you will find a lot of executives, decisions makers, and those willing to take action. So keep that in mind in your LinkedIn Marketing. Understand the macro environment of what audience you have access to.

Even if you think your offers might not align great with LinkedIn, I still strongly encourage you to have a presence there.

Which brings me to the social media strategy I mentioned in the beginning.

Easy Social Media Management

It can be overwhelming and just too much work trying to optimize everything you do for all social media platforms. So don’t do that. Keep it simple.

What I do is have one home base for all my content, right here on my blog. Then I just cross-post that content, focusing all my optimization on one or two platforms that are working best for me.

As platforms change over time, just as LinkedIn has, I do think it is important to have a presence everywhere. So you don’t have to start from scratch if you transition to use another platform more heavily at some point in the future.

But that doesn’t mean it has to take a ton of time. I literally copy and paste my blog articles into Quora and LinkedIn articles. Literally takes me less than 5 minutes to do both. It’s not always perfect, but it need not be. Then I spend some time engaging with other content.

My personal Best Strategy for LinkedIn Marketing in 2019 is to spend no more than 30 minutes a day for 30 straight days, and then look at the results. If you only have 15 minutes, that’s fine too.

This is the same approach I take with any new social media platform. Have a consistent approach for at least 30 days. If for no other reason than to learn how easily you can post content there that you’ve already created.

The main point being, you have no idea how effective any given social media platform may be in your marketing until you try. So just try, consistently. Doing so through content engagement and posting articles.

I think LinkedIn Marketing will be huge in 2019 and beyond, so start laying your foundation there now. Have a specific strategy, one that doesn’t negatively affect what’s already working for you on your most effective social media platform. Then you just analyze results and long-term trends and shift your attention as needed.

No strategy and no plan usually leads to overwhelm and confusion. Your own Best Strategy for LinkedIn Marketing in 2019, may be different than mine. Just make sure you have one.

-Chris Cunningham

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