Clickbank For Beginners 2019 – Get Started In Affiliate Marketing

Is Clickbank the best place for beginners to make money in affiliate marketing? My answer – Yes and No. So, keep reading and I’ll first address why it may be good for you, and give you a plan of action to get started for free in affiliate marketing with Clickbank. Then I’ll address some of it’s limitations and what else you may need to become a full time affiliate marketer, if that’s your goal.

We’re approaching this all from the standpoint of getting started immediately and with almost no investment. So keep that perspective in mind.

Clickbank For Beginners 2019 – Get Started Fast

It’s certainly one of the best spots in affiliate marketing to get started as it’s free to sign up and you can get going almost immediately with pretty much no start up costs.

You basically need some time, a little creativity, and some work ethic. Clickbank has a long history of on-time payments and literally has thousands of offers.

So you can pick an offer you’re interested in and a niche that works for you.

All the advertising materials are provided for you. Your goal is to just drive traffic to the affiliate links you are provided with.

Sounds easy right? So long as you have the marketing skills needed to drive that traffic (more on that later).

3 Step Guide to Clickbank as a Beginner Affiliate Marketer

So the nice thing about Clickbank for Beginners is the variety of affiliate products to sell. It allows you to be specific in what you choose, which is key. Health, Wealth, and Relationships are good categories that always have high interest, but there are a ton of other categories as well.

So Step 1 is to pick a specific product, in a specific niche, and stick with that niche.

Now, in looking at Clickbank for Beginners, we’re going to focus on free traffic methods, in particular YouTube. So Step 2 is creating a specific and themed YouTube channel around your niche. STICK TO YOUR NICHE.

Lastly, Step 3 is creating content around your niche for your YouTube channel. Again, focusing on this means of traffic generation as it’s a great free source.

PRO TIP #1 – Model what other’s are doing in your niche for content ideas. What videos are most popular in your niche? Then follow this 4-Part Video Structure. Don’t want to make you’re own videos? Check out affordable digital media service providers like Fiverr.

PRO TIP #2 – Pay attention to the gravity score of a particular Clickbank offer before choosing one to promote. 50-100 is a sweet spot score for many.

Why Most Clickbank Affiliates Fail – According to Joshua Elder

So when people say things like you can make $100 your first day on Clickbank, are they lying? Certainly not, as the main benefit of Clickbank for Beginners is the ability to earn fast. But just how much can you earn?

The main problem is competition. There’s simply so many people promoting the same offers with the same marketing materials.

I recently watched a Joshua Elder video in which he stated 99% of Clickbank affiliates fail, because conversion rates are so low, around 1%. He actually suggests high ticket “exclusive” offers, and I think that strategy has a lot of merit.

Why most Clickbank affiliates fail, to me, boils down simply to the fact that they don’t know how to drive enough traffic. If conversions rate are low, you need to drive a ton of traffic and doing that for free is very hard. Therefore you end up grinding away for very few sales.

There’s no doubt Clickbank is a great way to get started in affiliate marketing and that the platform pays a ton. It’s just that most of that goes to top affiliates with huge ad spends and a ton of experience.

So ultimately, I recommend Clickbank for Beginners in affiliate marketing just to get their feet wet. Get some hands on experience while learning real marketing and not just how to promote.

How To Overcome Clickbank Failure

Another main reason for failure with Clickbank, is even if you are good at driving traffic or just bust your butt to generate enough, you are ultimately driving traffic to someone else’s offer and to their funnel. You will benefit from the sale, but all benefit after that goes to them.

Especially if you are a beginner, you’ll just be using the marketing materials provided to you, so you’re not capturing your own leads or building your own list.

Not having to create a product, come up with any of the marketing materials, or have any systems in place to handle sales is great, but the downside is you are in effect building their asset instead of your own. That just isn’t a formula for long-term success.

What’s the Alternative

The alternative it, building your own list while developing a relationship with your audience. This attracts loyal customers that will continue to buy from you again and again. It’s actual quite a simple formula.

The same formula that all the big name marketers use. I refer to it as the Predictable Cashflow Formula, or other’s like Frank Kern call it Intent Based Branding, which I am a big fan of.

While the upside of Clickbank for Beginners is it’s simplicity, having a more complex and robust system in place is so much easier than it use to be.

Thanks to tools like Kartra alone. If you are serious about being an affiliate marketer, its easier than ever to take it to the next level. That level that the 99% who fail never even try for.

The Bottom Line

If you have zero online marketing experience and zero to invest in advertising, Clickbank may be the perfect place for you to start.

But if it doesn’t work out for you, it’s most likely not your fault, so don’t give up. It’s a great learning ground to start to establish your online presence in your niche and start creating content.

Once you have some more resources to deploy, consider marketing tools like Kartra. Especially if you want some advanced training and access to done for you systems, but ones that you personally integrate yourself into, in order to build your own asset.

Then double back to Clickbank if you want. The more experience you have, the more able you will be to take advantage of the opportunities there.

Chris Cunningham

P.S. Check out my thoughts on John Crestani and his claim that you can make money online with ClickBank in 1 day. Is he for real?

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