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Manage Links to Optimize Sales with ClickMagick Affiliate Link Tracking

If you’re trying to sell anything online, you’ll need a good combination of Marketing vs. Promotion. Then you’ll need to test and optimize your promotions. There’s a bunch of ways to do this. What’s most important is knowing what’s producing the best results. One tool that’s vital for me in doing this is the ClickMagick Affiliate Link Tracking system.

What ClickMagick Does

In short, ClickMagick lets you create unique track links. Then it helps you analyze the results of that tracking link.

So say you’re promoting an affiliate link or maybe just driving traffic to a lead capture page. You’ve probably spread that link around to a bunch of different places. Maybe you’ve posted it to your Facebook Business Page and to a bunch of different Facebook Groups (hopefully in a non-spammy way).

Well, how do you know which link is producing the best results? You simply create multiple different links within ClickMagick all leading to the same place. Now you have analytical data for each individual inroad into the end destination you are sending people too. Data that you can use to optimize your marketing, so you know where best to spend your time and effort.

ClickMagick provides a ton of data and advanced metrics for you to use. And they offer a complete Tracking Guide to help teach you both the basics, as well as advanced strategies.

Useful ClickMagick Affiliate Link Tracking Data

ClickMagick will give you an easy to read breakdown of your Traffic Quality. So if you’ve purchased Tier 1 traffic from a solo ad provider such as Udimi or Fiverr, you can be sure you’re getting what you paid for.

clickmagick affiliate link tracking quality analysis

In the case above, the Tier 1 traffic was good, but there were a lot of proxy clicks and not a high percentage of unique IP’s. So I got what I paid for, but the traffic quality wasn’t all that good. That stinks, but at least I know not to continue using that same source of traffic.

You can also learn a lot more about your audience with the ClickMagick affiliate link tracking system. Such as what operating system they are using, or which platform.

This is all useful data in identifying what audience is best responding to your message, so that you can tailor your marketing message to them.

ClickMagick vs. the Alternatives

I’m definitely not saying ClickMagick is the end all and be all of link tracking. There are plenty of other services that incorporate link tracking into their overall platform, such as Kartra.

In the end, I think you get more value from services like Kartra, as they incorporate multiple features that you may be paying for separately, into one platform. This will definitely save you some money on a monthly basis.

But, if you are just getting started with optimizing your marketing, and aren’t ready for a more advanced system, I would definitely recommend the ClickMagick affiliate link tracking service.

If you’re not tracking your results, then you really have no strategy. Its really hard (pretty much impossible) to improve your results with no strategy.

-Chris Cunningham

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