Digital Marketing for the Tech Challenged Business Owner

For decades, many small business owners have shied away from Digital Marketing. They instead rely on conventional means of advertising to attract customer and grow their sales. From print advertising and signage, to words of mouth via multiple different mediums.

Failure to adapt to technological changes most often leads to fewer customer and diminished sales. This small business owner may think they are just too tech challenged to make the necessary changes, and are overwhelmed by even the thought of introducing digital marketing into their business.

The Problem of Digital Marketing

One of the main problems for small business owners isn’t even direct competition. It is digital marketers that are capturing leads and customers online. These marketers are then either selling the leads to the competition or sometime’s entering lines of business themselves based on the abundance of leads they have.

As a result, this leaves the experienced, but tech challenged business owner, at an extreme disadvantage. Even when their experience could often provide way more value to the customer.

I see this a lot in the field of real estate where young, inexperienced realtors are taking advantage of technology to gain customers. Experienced realtors, who many times could serve that customer much better, aren’t even a consideration.

Why Being Tech Challenged is No Excuse

So what does it take for a business owner whom is tech challenged to survive in the world of digital marketing? Is it even possible?


Ultimately, it comes down to what most often is needed to make a small business thrive: Effort!

In this case, that means research. You don’t have to learn how to become a digital marketer. You don’t even have to learn new tech skills. Instead, you just have to learn how to identify what is out there that can help you.

There’s no shortage of free tools and resources that anyone can use to educate themselves. See what your competition is doing. What kinds of online ads are they running? Why not try modeling those ads?

Are you super tech challenged and don’t even know how to design a basic online ad, or flyer, or even a logo? That’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Many business owners who are tech savvy, who choose to use others to help in these areas, so that they can focus their time in places that are most effective to grow their business.

Why not lean on the many very affordable resources that are out there. I’m talking about resources like Fiverr and Upwork. They make it very easy and affordable to hire a freelancer, no matter how small or large the task is.

As you keep doing research, either your tech skills will grow, or you’ll learn what other tools to lean on in order to accomplish your business goals.

In time, as you educate yourself even more, you’ll recognize more powerful tools that are available like Kartra. Tools that can be vital in automating your lead generation and sales.

Have a Plan of Action

Don’t get ahead of yourself and don’t look for shortcuts. If you’re completely new to the world of digital marketing, don’t try buying some fancy program right from the start that can automate your business. Chances are, you’re not yet ready to benefit from it.

Instead focus on services that provide you value. That help you learn and draw out a map of how you want to digitize your marketing. Be selective in the resources you use. The more you learn, the more the services that will benefit you most will stand out to you.

To put it simply, if you are Tech challenged, stop letting yourself be help back. If you don’t, there is a good change your business is dying.


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