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I did a video a while back reviewing an Eric Worre webinar I was on where he covered his Top 5 Social Media Strategies. You can see that video HERE.

To summarize, his focus was on how you can personally brand yourself through attraction marketing. While there’s no one right way to do this on social media, but the Top 5 Strategies he covered are:

  1. IDENTIFY YOUR PASSIONS, as that will show in your marketing. If you are genuinely interested in your own offer, that will sow to your audience and will attract them.
  2. FRIENDS 1st / BUSINESS 2nd. Don’t launch into a sales pitch right away. Build a rapport, establish a relationship. Build trust. If you followed Strategy 1, that will show and your relationship building will be genuine.
  3. BE YOUR BEST SELF. Be as transparent and authentic as you can. Don’t be that person complaining on Social Media, or that is always down or negative.
  4. TIME MANAGEMENT. Be on Social Media on purpose. Set daily goals or limits on social media use. Be honest with yourself. Are you INVESTING TIME on social media or are you just SPENDING TIME?
  5. DON’T SPAM. Create curiosity. Create original content that provides value. That will attract. SPAM just distracts.

These tips are especially beneficial for the target audience of Eric Worre, which is Network Marketers. We’ve all seen those that go about it the wrong way and it may be easy to fall into that trap.

By focusing on these strategies, you’ll be a much more effective network marketer. Trying to go and recruit strangers as team members is just not a viable long term strategy. It just takes too much time for too little results.

Instead, to grow your business you need to ATTRACT. Personal branding and providing valuable content to your audience is what does this. But how do you know if you are providing valuable content? Are people you don’t know coming to you asking about your opportunity? If so, you have the power of attraction working for you. If not, no worries, there’s plenty you can do to work on that.


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