Facebook Marketing and Overcoming Struggles

Struggling with your Facebook Marketing? You love your opportunity, but you just can’t seem to get any traction with it. Especially if its’s any type of affiliate marketing opportunity, there may be a simple reason why.

Facebook Marketing – What NOT to Do

In short, Facebook doesn’t seem to like people who promote other people’s stuff and not their own. This particularly applies to anything Facebook thinks is a money making system. This is problematic for both affiliate and network marketing opportunities.

Facebook Marketing – What To Do

So what’s the solution, when you’ve found a great opportunity you want to share with others?  Your probably thinking, the reason I got into affiliate marketing is so I could leverage someone else’s marketing system instead of designing one from scratch.  Now what do I do if Facebook doesn’t like that?

The most important thing you can do it create your own unique content on the front end of your marketing. This uniqueness is key when Facebook is evaluating your content. Not only in determining whether or not they are going to approve your ad, but also on how effectively it reaches your target audience.

This could be as simple as creating your own landing page that leads into your marketing funnel that may be designed by someone else.

There’s lot of great tools out there that can help you with that even if you’re tech challenged.

Most importantly, look for affiliate opportunities and marketing systems that provide customized options.  Not just the same front end message for every affiliate.  Systems that provide the lead generation and automation you’re looking for, but also provide the kind of personalized support that you’ve probably found missing in other opportunities before.

I know first hand that these types of marketing systems do exist with many exciting ones currently in the works.

The end results being not only unique front end content that Facebook likes,  but know you’ve also personally branded yourself in front of your audience. Continue providing value to that audience and you’ll have the powers of attraction marketing working for you.

Start to incorporate other social media strategies over time. Before you know it, you will have a full fledged Facebook Marketing campaign working for you.

This is the kind of marketing I’ll be focused on in the immediate future. So stayed tuned for more on this soon, including exactly how I’ll be doing it. 

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