Facebook Marketing Strategy for Small Business (2019)

Exploit Your Advantage With A Facebook Marketing Strategy for Small Business

Let’s start off with exactly what advantage there is in Facebook Marketing Strategy for Small Business. First off, for the purposes of this discussion, I’m referring to geographically based small businesses. Many being conventional brick-n-mortar local businesses, or service businesses in a specific area.

So keep reading to see exactly what advantage these types of businesses have, or watch my video below where I discuss how you only need two things to take advantage of this.

This is for all you local service based business owners out there and store owners. That includes contractors, lawyers, insurance agents, realtors, dentists, hairdressers, and the like. Anyone who needs more customers that does business in person.

Why Does Small Business Have an Advantage Here

Most online marketers are selling digital products, whether that be marketing systems, or coaching products, or training, or anything in digital form. This gives them a huge potential outreach and almost infinite pool of potential customers.

The problem is, this leads to very low conversion rates and makes it very hard to reach actual customers looking for their product or service. In fact, when it comes to affiliate marketing, conversion rates can be as low as 1% on popular sites like Clickbank.

So as a result, a ton of money and resources can be wasted on advertising, simply by not being able to effectively reach prospective customers.

Thankfully this isn’t the case at all with location based small businesses. You have a very specific pool of potential customers. You probably just need to stand out a bit from your competition.

Marketing on Facebook – How to Do it

The easiest and best way to get new leads and new customers online is through Facebook, where you can advertise yourself in a highly targeted and super cost effective way. All you need to do is two things. You DON’T even need a website.

First, create a Facebook Business Page, like this. This will be your home base for your professional presence online, so treat it that way. Keep your content specific to your professional field. And don’t get sidetracked. Produce content that adds value and solves the problems your potential customers have. This is how you attract customers.

Then you run some ads from that page. Since your ads are going to be so highly targeted, simply from a geographic basis alone, you don’t need to spend much. A few dollars a day will produce leads.

And you don’t need to overthink your ad either. Simple cell phone style video now allows you to shoot your own commercials for free. And these type of casual style videos are very effective.

facebook marketing strategy for small business

In this example above (Boston, MA, targeting those looking for “home improvement”), a $5 per day ad spend can expect to reach 90-268 people per day and generate 2-12 leads per day.

Would a few extra leads per day help your small business? Local based leads looking for exactly what you provide? That you can then personally follow up on and convert to a customer?

See how this works? You don’t need some fancy marketing system. You are a local small business so you already do that part yourself, at a level that is much more effective than any online marketer can achieve.

Your business itself is your advantage. You just need more people reaching out to you. This is exactly what a Facebook marketing strategy for small business can accomplish.

Facebook Marketing Action Plan

Honestly, you don’t even really need to be a good marketer to succeed with this strategy. I do encourage everyone to understand what the key differences are between Marketing and Promotion.

But ultimately, you are going to be targeting people in your community that are already actively looking for your service. They just don’t know who to choose. A simple ad on their Facebook timeline helps them make that decision.

So get that Facebook Business Page created and run a simple ad.

Video is always better, so follow this 4-Step Formula to Creating Videos, if you are so inclined. But you don’t have to shoot video. Just make sure you spent a little time to give your message a professional look. If you’re Tech Challenged there’s plenty of free/short money resources out there to help. Hire a freelancer at Fiverr for way less than you might think.

The Bottom Line

In my real estate and property management businesses, I see people being left behind by online marketing all the time. There’s still a generation of small business owners that will survive off of word of mouth and referrals.

But as they wind down their careers, they are already losing customers to online lead generators, whom often provide a much less quality service.

All because they have no online strategy, and think coming up with one is a lot harder than it actually is.

You don’t need some fancy marketing system if you are a location based small business, unless you are looking for crazy growth in your business, and are able to handle that growth.

If you’re in that boat, looking for high volume automated lead processing and sales, then look to simple yet robust tools like Kartra.

But for most of you, all you need is a Facebook Business Page. This alone can provide a quite effective Facebook Marketing Strategy for Small Business in 2019, and beyond.

Chris Cunningham

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