Frank Kern Review: Spying on Grant Cardone and Gary Vee

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So what do we mean by Frank Kern “Spies”?

Was Frank Kern really spying on them? Of course not. What we’re talking about here is Modeling.

Look, as an individual digital marketer, we’re not all able to produce the amount of quality content that a Grant Cardone or Gary Vee does. Their stuff is great. No doubt produced by a team of employees.

So how are we supposed to compete?

It’s as simple as modeling what they do. They no doubt test and re-test all their content, so you can be sure that what you see is what is hitting with their audience.

If your audience is similar to theirs, pay attention to the subjects they talk about. Do you have something to say about these topics? Why not create your own content around that.

Pay attention to how they package their content. Are you seeing short videos? Images with eye catching text? What platform’s do you see their content on the most? They have very strategic Social Media Marketing campaigns. They aren’t doing anything by accident. So why not follow what they are doing?

That’s exactly what Frank Kern is doing.

-Chris Cunningham

See Frank’s video on Grant Cardone and Gary Vee HERE. Frank and Grant have now even partnered up together on their own ad agency.

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