Hacking Facebook Algorithms for Better Engagement

There’s a lot of do’s and don’t when it comes to trying to take advantage of Facebook Algorithms to boost your engagement. And these Algorithms are always changing.

But don’t worry, there’s no need to get overwhelmed, as there’s some simple practical steps you can take.

Pro Tips to Hack Facebook Algorithms

Avoid Links

Avoid links in your posts as much as possible. Facebook doesn’t like it when people leave their platform. Likewise, the Facebook Algorithm loves it when you generate leads on their platform. So when advertising, you will often get a lower cost per lead when using a Facebook Lead Ad vs. directing the prospect to an outside landing page.

Don’t Fish For Engagement

Avoiding “Fishing” For Engagement. That means asking for likes and comments or for people to comment “Info”. Facebook Algorithms have caught on to this tactic. Instead use a conversational style in your post that is going to elicit a response on its own. Or even just put your call of action into your photo.

The Facebook Algorithm Loves Originality

Always post an original, eye catching photo, if you can. Stuck for ideas? See what other’s are doing. Don’t copy, but Model. Even experts like Frank Kern are modeling what other marketers are doing.

You may be tempted to share a post from a favorite marketer or motivator of yours. But all you are really doing is driving traffic to them. Why not provide your own take on any given topic in your own original post. Or place a thoughtful comment on the post that you like.

Don’t Spam

We all know SPAM when we see it. You can be sure Facebook Algorithms do as well. Even Well-Meant Spam isn’t good. This ties in with not posting links. Instead start conversations which attract your audience. Add value to their experience.

Shoot Video

Not only do the Facebook Algorithyms love it, but your audience does too. This includes Facebook Stories. Then cross-post those video’s to YouTube.

Engage Yourself

Don’t just throw around a bunch of likes. Comment on other profiles and pages that are touching on subjects that relate to your audience.

Facebook uses this activity to create connections between you and others, which they use when deciding whom to show your content to.

The more engagement you do yourself the better. This means real, genuine comments. Short conversations are even better. Always follow up wherever you can. This just boosts your connections.

Do I need to Post Many Times A Day?

The answer used to be yes, but more and more now, the answer seems to be no. Engagement seems to drop significantly after your first post of the day. It is recommended that you wait at least 6-9 hours between posts.

Only have time for 1 post a day? Not a problem at all. Try testing what time of day you post and see what results you get. Better results in the morning? After working hours? Use these test results to optimize when you post.

Want to see exactly how often the pro’s are posting? There’s tools available like SocialInsider.io and Agora Pulse that can help. But don’t get caught up in volume. One or two thoughtful and original posts a day can be plenty enough.

How Many Social Media Platforms Should I Be On?

The short answer is all of them, but its not as hard as you may think. If you have any digital marketing experience, you probably already know what platforms are best suited to reach your audience. Focus on those. Ramp up your efforts there. But be competent on other platform as well.

Trends shift and when they do, you don’t want to be stuck building content from scratch on a new platform where you have no presence.

At the same time don’t get bogged down in spending too much time creating content unique for a specific platform where you’re not doing well.

There’s some very simple to use Cross-Posting techniques you can use to increase the volume of your content with very little extra effort.


There’s no shortage of resources available to keep up with trends and try to optimize your Facebook activity for digital marketing purposes.

Don’t get overwhelmed. Remember content is key. Provide value to your audience first and foremost. There’s no tricky Facebook Algorithms to figure out for that.

Once you’ve mastered content, there are plenty of Marketing Systems out there that can help teach you the rest, but by focusing on the above tips, you’ll be off to a good start.

Optimization and refinement will always be an ongoing process, so don’t worry about trying to nail it right from the start

-Chris Cunningham

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