“How Can I Make Money Online” is the Wrong Question

“How Can I Make Money Online?”

If you’re asking “How can I get a job online” or “How can I make money online”, you’re setting yourself up for a deluge of disappointing answers.  Anyone who can answer that question immediately (usually with a link to an opportunity) is probably someone who continues to jump from one thing to the next. 

It’s a lazy approach. When was the last time being lazy brought you good results?

There’s a silly amount of money to be made online, and it’s never been easier to reach an audience.  But if your initial mindset is to find a job or make money, then you are approaching it the wrong way.   Trading your time for money is not the way to leverage the internet.

I promise you, there are already people out there making a good living online by providing value in a field or business or subject matter where you have expertise.  There’s a good chance you may even know more about it than them.   

Start there.  Identify an audience. Make your intent to solve their problems. By providing value.  CONSISTENTLY. Only then should you be asking how you can best generate an income from it.

Now we’re at a point where I can help answer that question.

-Chris Cunningham


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