77 Affiliate Marketing Sales in less than 24 hours

How I Got these Affiliate Marketing Sales Results

That’s right, 77 Affiliate Marketing Sales with just 1 post, based upon one blog article.

Affiliate Marketing Sales

4 Part Formula For Success

So how did, I do it? There’s a specific 4 Part Formula I’m following.

Here it is..

  1. WHO is your audience? The more specific, the better.
  2. WHAT does that audience want? What problem are you solving?
  3. HOW are you going to help them with their specific problem?
  4. WHERE do they need to go for the solution? (CALL TO ACTION)

That’s literally it!

It all starts with providing value and helping solve a REAL problem. In this specific example, my purpose wasn’t even about generating affiliate marketing sales. My goal was just to solve a common problem I knew others had, in a community I was already active in. I break down that problem in detail HERE, where you’ll be able to see how I specifically used this 4 part formula.

In the end, we’re talking about Amazon affiliate marketing sales here, so we’re not breaking the bank.

But I highlight this as an example of how simple affiliating marketing sales can be and how it can be done WITH INTEGRITY! I was able to solve a real problem, for a community that I’m already a part of, with products that I’ve benefited from myself.

Note that I DIDN’T JUST POST A LINK. I created a solution. Isn’t that what sales should be about? Actually adding value to someone’s life by solving a problem.

I definitely made some affiliate commissions in the process, but I’ve also helped a lot of people, and their feedback has been overwhelming positive.

I call this a WIN-WIN situation.

-Chris Cunningham

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