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Kartra, the All-In-One Marketing System, comes it at a very attractive price point. Especially when you considering everything included. Click below to learn exactly what’s included in Kartra, and get a 14 day trial for $1, if you like. You’ll probably find you can cancel a bunch of other services. So consider that when decided exactly How Much Does Kartra Cost you.


So exactly how much does Kartra Cost?

Kartra Pricing 2019

There’s a few factors at play here. First, how many leads you have and how many emails you want to send. Don’t forget, Kartra has industry leading deliverability, so consider using Kartra Mail. Save some money on that autoresponder you’re now paying for. Second, is if you want to pay annually on monthly. (I encourage you to start monthly and then upgrade once you see how useful Kartra is). The last main factor is how much bandwidth you need, aka how much video you’re going to have on your pages. Video is so important to marketing these days, so you definitely need it. (keep reading below for a trick on how to save $$$ on bandwidth)

Kartra Pricing – Billed Annually

how much does kartra cost
Kartra Cost – Billed Annually

Kartra Pricing – Billed Monthly

how much does kartra cost
How Much Does Kartra Cost – Billed Monthly

There’s even a billed every 2 year option, that drops the price down even more.

How to Save Money with my Kartra Account

So there’s obviously all the other services and tools you can cancel once you have a Kartra account. For a reminder on all the features included, GO HERE. But also, remember above when I mentioned that cost savings trick when it comes to bandwidth? Kartra Video is awesome and has a lot of powerful tracking tools. But, if you are concerned about bandwidth, especially when it comes to video you don’t need a lot of tracking on, you can simply use another video service. Kartra integrates seamlessly with Youtube, Vimeo, and Wistia. So you have plenty of choices.

How to Get Kartra For Free!!!!!

Okay, so I’ll admit, that heading is a little click-baity. But in reality, it’s very simple to cover your Kartra costs, all inside of Kartra. So when considering how much does Kartra cost, keep all these factors in mind.

We’ve already discussed the other tools you be able to eliminate. Just getting rid of your email autoresponder could easily cover half the cost of Kartra.

Next, all you need to do is take advantage of the Kartra JV Affiliate Program.
Once you see the time you save and increased automated sales you get with Kartra, you’re going to want to tell others about it. That pays you a 40% recurring commission on anyone you refer. So all it takes is a couple of referrals and now you have Kartra for FREE! Join the Free Kartra JV Affiliate Program by clicking below. Or set up your own JV affiliate program inside of Kartra.

kartra jv affiliate program
Kartra Admin on Commissions Paid Out

Is the Cost of Kartra Worth It?

Is the Kartra All-In-One Marketing System worth it? Only you can decide what is right for your online business. I can tell you I’m an active user of Kartra, am recommending it for my entire team (it’s probably going to be a requirement at some point), and am loving it so far.

The first step is learning about Kartra. The features, ease of use, and power of advanced automation, speak for themselves.

Then see how you can implement Kartra in a break-even marketing cost strategy. That’s my online success strategy. Generate enough cash-flow to cover your upfront costs, so you can then focus on the growth of your business.

Isn’t that why we are online entrepreneurs? To leverage the internet and effortlessly and endlessly grow our businesses.

So, how much does Kartra cost? Really cost? I hope I’ve explained that clearly above. The question you really need to ask is how much is it costing you by not using Kartra.

We’re still early on in the growth of Kartra. Imagine getting involved in Clickfunnels 5 or so years ago. That’s where Kartra is now. With big name marketers and Clickfunnels 2 Comma Club Members, now even using Kartra themselves on the back end of their funnels. And we’re talking about a system designed by marketers, specifically Andy Jenkins, and with done-for-you sales copy and funnels provided for you by Frank Kern.

Whether as a Kartra User or Kartra Affiliate, there’s lots of good things to come.

***if you decide to join Kartra, drop us an email at:, so we can add you to our support group. Lots of great collaborations to come***

-Chris Cunningham

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