How to 5X Your Social Media Marketing with little extra effort!!!

If you follow some of the big time social media influencers out there like I do, you may think it’s impossible to try to model their social media marketing efforts.

I’m talking about the Gary Vee’s and Grant Cardone’s of the world, just to name a few. Their content is spectacularly well produced and engaging. They no doubt have multiple team members that just focus on social media content.

So how are we to compete with that?

It all Comes Down to Cross-posting

Put simply, we need to re-purpose our content for different social media marketing platforms. For example, I’ll use this article as the basis for a Youtube video HERE.

I’ll then post that video on my Facebook Business Page, where I then may link back to this article here. Or you can do it in reverse and create a quick outline of this article to post to your Facebook page, which then sends them to your video for more details. Or if Instagram is your target, edit down your video to a 60 sec or less click, and then link that back to your blog post for the full article.

Ultimately, you need to decide what is best for your audience, and then you can tweak and frame your content accordingly. If you’re not sure what to do, just try testing different things out and see what get’s the most engagement.

And don’t worry about posting similar things on different platforms and looking repetitive. Original content is great, but don’t spread yourself too thin. Only a narrow portion of your audience is going to see any one piece of content, so don’t be afraid to spread around the same idea on different platforms.

As your business grows, and you have more resources, then you can focus in even more on customizing content for each social media marketing platform.

In the meantime cross-post as much as you can and follow other Social Media Strategies to boost your content reach.

Taking advantage of Social Media is a must in today’s age of digital marketing.

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