How to Build an Online Business

Focus on Foundation when determining How to Build an Online Business

If you are trying to sell anything online or establish any sort of reliable income online, you need to think long term. There has never been a greater opportunity than now to learn how to build an online business. To make a side income and then grow that into your main income.  But in order to do so, you need a sphere of influence and trust that you can’t gain by jumping from one opportunity to the next.

Focus on Your Foundation

Instead you need to lay out a foundation of consistent, value-added content that solves problems for your audience.  This can be blog posts, Facebook posts, Instagram, YouTube, auto emails…you name it. There’s lots of easy ways to generate content.  

This all builds towards you having a very long-term, automated process for providing value and building relationships.  That’s how to create a sphere of influence.  The speed at which this happens is a direct result of your commitment level. This all needs to be done with no expectation of monetary gain, as that’s not the focus when you are building your foundation.

Over time, you integrate commission-able links, if you are an affiliate marketer, or your own products if that’s what your goal is.   You are then, in perpetuity, able to refer people to your past blog posts, or YouTube videos, or emails, all which link back into your automated sales system. That system then provides more and more value to your audience and commissions/sales for you.

This is the only model I know that can provide exponential growth and that is within everyone’s reach because of its low cost to start and maintain.  With the ability to grow and add on additional revenue streams whenever you want.

How to Start Your Online Business

The key is to just get started building your foundation, no matter what field you are in.  Think about what value you can start providing your audience, without making any attempts to sell them anything.  This works for any field or industry.  Identify problems and then solve them, for free.   This is what grows your sphere of influence, which creates loyal customers.

This is true MARKETING, and not just PROMOTION. Do the marketing first, and then you can promote whatever you want (our ultimate goal) within your sphere of influence.  You now have a network, whom you’ve built trust with, that is ready to receive your message.

If you keep this overall goal in mind, you will automatically do the work required to build your foundation.   However, if you lose sight of this goal, it becomes more difficult to lay this groundwork and you then slip backing into paying for some opportunity with no plan and no sphere of influence.  You may even make a quick buck jumping around from one thing to another, but that’s no way to turn a side income into a lifelong revenue stream.

This really is the one business model (cashflow formula) that can work to sell anything of value online.  Any product, program, or opportunity. 

Its success is inevitable once you build a foundation of content and then put proper automation to work.  Its not complicated, its exactly how you build an online business.

You must visualize your business from the ground up, just like in building an actual home. It can feel like a daunting and overwhelming task at first.  But once all the prepping and planning is done and the foundation actually goes in, you rapidly start reaping the tangible results.  Before you know it, you are enjoying the fruits of your labor and look back at the work that got you there as one of the best things you have ever done.

Just a small fragment of time in the big picture. But one that provides never ending results.

-Chris Cunningham

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How to Build an Online Business

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