How To Create YouTube Channel Art For Different Devices

Easily Create YouTube Channel Art That Looks Good on All Devices

Holiday mornings are great for random catch up work for me. Today, it was YouTube Channel Art. Specifically, how to create YouTube Channel Art For Different Devices. Ever notice how your header looks different on different devices? If you’re like me, you do a lot of your work on a desktop, but most people are viewing your content on mobile.

So, here’s how I set up up mine. Feel free to model what I’ve done. The first picture is what I have uploaded to Youtube, with the second image being how that 1 photo is rendered on 3 different devices.

create YouTube channel art
how to create YouTube channel art

Overall photo size is 2048 x 1152 and I use Canva to create YouTube Channel Art. In fact, I use Canva for all of my digital media needs.

While I think it’s definitely important to take a little extra time to make sure your content looks good on different devices, don’t overthink it. Everything won’t look perfect everywhere. But if you’re big into using YouTube for your online marketing, definitely make sure you create YouTube Channel Art that looks good on at least the devices you have access to.

If you are taking your work seriously, make sure that shows in your visual presence. It’s not that hard once you have good templates in place and are using some time saving tools.

Chris Cunningham

P.S. Can’t get the Facebook Link preview image to update after you change it. Here’s how.

And if you need some stock photos to use in your YouTube Artwork designs, check out this article.

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