How to Format a USB Drive to FAT32 (32GB+)

Here’s Exactly how to Format a USB Drive to Fat32 – *For PC*

This is a follow up to my TeslaCam Dash Cam Setup article, but applies to anyone looking to format any: USB Drive, Flash Drive or Thumb Drive to FAT32. Whether you are using built in memory, or a separate SD or Micro SD Card.

Many of you may know that windows does not allow you to format a Drive to FAT32, if it is over 32GB. If you’re using the drive for any kind of video recording, chances are you are going to want more than 32GB.

So if you need to format a USB Drive to FAT32, check out this video walk-through of how I do it. I’ll take you step-by-step through exactly what you need to do, with this free solution.

Video Walk-Through

The free utility I use can be found at:

*This is a third party application, I have no affiliation with. It will dowload as an .exe file to your computer. I have been successfully using it for a few months now, but I cannot speak for the developer or provide specific application support.*

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