How to Grow Your Online Business with Marketing Automation

In order to learn how to grow your online business, you first need to have one. So for the purpose of this discussion, we’re going to assume you are an online marketer or have some sort of business online, or are considering starting one. Doesn’t matter how big it is or how successful it is. The same strategy will apply regardless.

You have your customer base, whom you are providing value to, but you just can’t seem to drastically grow that customer base, and do so quickly to increase your sales.

The good news is, if you’ve ever sold anything online or built any sort of list at all, you’ve already gotten a great head start. You just need to know the strategy to use and how to leverage the internet to grow your business.

Thankfully, the strategy we’re talking about is the same one every successful online marketer, consultant, coach, social media influencer, author, speaker, marketing guru and entrepreneur marketing anything online is using. So we have plenty of examples to follow.

For a refresher on that strategy see my last article HERE.

What You Need to Grow Your Online Business

To summarize my previous article you need to:

  • Build a customer base (a list)
  • Build relationships with that list through automation
  • Automate the marketing and sales process
  • Use Cashflow optimization to incrementally decrease your cost per lead and increase your value per lead
  • Leverage other offers to add additional streams of income
  • Track your results, test, test, test, and improve

Once your cashflow is optimized, it becomes predictable, which is what allows you to scale up big time and reach huge goals, while minimizing your risk.

What you MUST know how to do..

You absolutely must be tracking what each lead is worth to you (Average Lead Value) and how much it cost you to acquire that lead. If you are not in control of these metrics, you are flying blind.

Some success can be had selling online without carefully tracking your lead value and cost, but it is impossible to scale your online business without knowing these numbers. You are simply clueless as to how to improve your results.

I see it all the time. Someone runs a facebook ad and isn’t happy with the results. They’ll ask me why. I’ll say how does it compare to your last ad, or what was new in this latest ad. Guess what? They have no answer, because they have no process or system in place for this.

How To Take Control of What You Earn

You can purchase as many online marketing courses as you like. But if you’re not optimizing your cashflow, tracking results, and regularly split-testing, why would you expect your results to change for the better.

Here’s a quick screenshot of a class that we occasionally make available to the public that lists the 5 ways we optimize cashflow.

how to scale your online business
Cashflow Optimization: 5 Ways to do it.

Imagine accurately knowing what you will earn for each ad dollar you spend. Wouldn’t that make it a lot easier to grow your business online?

How To EASILY Implement

If you were to try to do this all manually, yes it would be far too time consuming and complicated. Thankfully we don’t need to. We use a marketing funnel system to take care of all of this. We suggest using Kartra for this as it has everything you need all in one place, at an extremely affordable price. And we can help you with it if you need assistance.

Gone are the days of needing enterprise level solutions (costing thousands per month) in order to fully automate and customize your sales funnel. We have a much simpler solution in Kartra.

THE BOTTOM LINE IS: You must be using a system with advanced automation in order to learn how to scale your online business.

We’ll be talking more about what we can offer to help you with Kartra. With done for you, yet fully customize-able solutions. As a result, you can personally integrate yourself in the process. In order to build your own asset. This isn’t some third party software or affiliate program where you take no ownership. You build your own online system. You just don’t have to do all of the tech legwork, or copy-writing, or graphic design.

Coming Up Next….

In our next article we’ll take a more detailed look at tracking lead value and how to improve what you earn by apply the cashflow optimization steps detailed above.

REMEMBER….We’re using advanced tools and strategies, but breaking them down into actionable steps with a common sense strategy. This is all set up so that you listen to what the market tells you to do and make incremental adjustments according to the results you get. The tracking tools out there make this a very objective process. No need to be overwhelmed.

Understand the strategy…Make sure you wrap your head around it. The steps you need to take become crystal clear once you see the big picture. Then we narrow our focus and implement.

This is exactly how to grow your online business in a controlled and systematic way. Reduced stress and improved results.

So, continue on and learn how to Start Tracking Lead Value next.

-Chris Cunningham

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