How to Market Online & The #1 Online Marketing Mistake to Avoid

No one usually comes out and directly asks me how to market online. But that is what they are looking for. They are just asking in different ways.

Sometimes it’s “Why isn’t my marketing working?” or “Why can’t I make money online?” or even “Why am I struggling to sell anything online?”

Regardless of how the question is asked or what exactly the problem is, the answer is usually the same. You are focused on the wrong thing. You are just starting from the wrong place.

But don’t worry. It’s a common problem. This isn’t conventional sales. So you need to have an approach that may defy your natural instinct to lead with your product or your offer. And sometimes we’re just predisposed to what we see others doing online, which quite frankly, is a lot of crappy marketing.

Here’s what you need to do instead.

Don’t Lead With Your Product

Whether you are into affiliate marketing, or network marketing, or even selling your own product or service, you’re marketing does NOT begin with your product. That’s the first thing you need to realize when learning how to market online.

Huh?’re thinking. “But that’s what I’m trying to sell. Why wouldn’t I focus on that?”

If you are and it’s working for you, go ahead, but you probably found this article because it isn’t.

That’s ok. We’ll fix it. You just need to approach the sales process differently.

In fact, the key is not really trying to sell at all in your marketing. The goal is to get your ideal prospect to want to buy on their own.

That’s the best online marketing strategy. To create loyal customers that seek you out. Here’s how we do that.

How to Market Online by Focusing on your Audience

First, identify who your ideal prospect is. We’re thinking about our product or whatever we are trying to sell here, but that’s not the focus of our marketing.

Once you have that ideal prospect in mind, identify a few problems they are experiencing. What pain points do they have in their life? That you can help them with. That you can solve.

Now that you have your audience identified and know what they need help with, you address that in your marketing. You help them, by ACTUALLY HELPING them, often times for free, in your marketing. Show them how you are solving their problems. Once you do, they will want more.

This is how you attract that loyal audience, that loyal customer that continues to buy from you again and again. This is the heart of Intent Based Branding, which is a very power marketing strategy.

You’ve already proven your worth, that you are going to provide them value. So why wouldn’t they then buy from you once you present them with an offer? Trust me, they will.

Why This Online Marketing Strategy Works

Especially when selling online, we’re dealing with an average consumer that has advertising fatigue. They are seeing promotions all the time. And they’ve probably bought many things they’ve seen advertised online and ended up quite unhappy with them. You look no different to them until you’ve already helped them.

This isn’t some groundbreaking or super advanced strategy. If you’ve read this far, by now this probably just seems like a basic common sense strategy. It really is, but it’s overlooked by so many.

Except by everyone winning online, who are all following the same online success strategy.

Why is it overlooked? My opinion on this one is that it just bucks the trend of conventional marketing and decades worth of sales strategy. The 4 P’s of Marketing just don’t work online, like they do offline.

Those who’ve grown up making most of their purchases online understand this better than most others. But for many of us that are use to print ads or television commercials, we’re just accustomed to most marketing leading with the product. So we think that’s how to market online as well.

If you have some great new groundbreaking product or a truly massive ad budget, that strategy can work. Most of us, myself definitely included, don’t fall into that category.

So instead of focusing on the product, focus on how you can help your audience. That will always be my best online marketing strategy. People simply like paying others to help them. They really do.

So your marketing should clearly identify how you are going to do that. Once you have, then and only then, can you present your offer. To an audience now predisposed to want to purchase from you.

Then take advantage of the top marketing tools now available to really scale up your online business. That’s why we’re marketing online, isn’t it? To really leverage the power of the internet.

I use tools like Kartra to help me with this.

Use my system, use someone else’s, or develop and use your own. Just make sure you have a duplicatable and scale-able system in place.


That’s how to market online.

-Chris Cunningham

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