How To Structure Any Online Marketing Video

Follow this easy 4-Part Structure that can be used in any Online Marketing Video

This simple strategy will work for every online marketing video you shoot. Get out of your own head, focus on your audience, and follow this structure to save time, create more natural videos, and actually connect with your audience.

If you don’t feel natural on video or just outright hate doing it, I hope this simple strategy gets you over the hump and into creating your own videos.

Video is just so crucial in today’s world of marketing, increasing conversions, on average, some 86%. So give it a try with this 4-part structure. Follow the structure in the order below in your videos.

Part 1 – WHO

Who are you trying to reach? Who is your IDEAL target audience? Make sure your video make this obvious. Your target audience should know in the very beginning of your video that this is for them.

Part 2 – WHAT

What does this audience want? What are their problems and what do they need help with, that you can provide a solution for. Identify these problems in your video, but don’t dwell on them.


How does what you are offering give them what they want? Solve their problems. Share a few key benefits of HOW the solution you can provide will help them. Don’t be afraid to be specific.


What EXACTLY do you want them to do? Tell them the action to take (literal action). For example, click below, download this, keep watching, enter email, etc. This is your CALL TO ACTION. Don’t leave this vague.


Check out this short example of mine. There’s always room for improvement, but see how I followed the 4-part structure? Creating videos like this need not be hard.

The more experience you get with this structure, the more you won’t have to worry about writing scripts or memorizing a presentation. You just put together some simple notes that outline your 4-Part structure and then start recording your online marketing video.

Eventually, with practice, you can get to the point where notes aren’t even necessary. With the increased popularity of Facebook Lives and Instagram Stories, this style of free flowing video can be very effective.

Just make sure you hit the 4 Parts.

Look, I’m not saying this is easy for everyone. Video can be intimidating. But if you’re serious about online marketing, you already know how important online marketing videos are. You see them everywhere.

With practice, you will find a rhythm. Lean on this structure to give you the confidence you need. Once you are confident in your message and know you have your content nailed down, you’ll put a lot less pressure on yourself. Its a lot easier to improve your presentation over time when you know you have the main components already covered.

-Chris Cunningham

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