How To Update Facebook Post Link Preview Images

Here’s How You Force Update Facebook Post Link Preview Images after you made a change

Have you just made a change to an image on some content of yours, but when you post your link in a Facebook Post it still shows the old image under the link preview? Whether it be just a creative change or maybe you were fixing a mistake, you just want the new image to show up in the link. NOW!! Here’s how you force update Facebook post link preview images on any post, so that they show up right away.


Just head to: . This is Facebook’s debugger tool. While it’s designed for developers, its available to everyone, and we’re just using once easy feature. So ignore everything else you may see there. We don’t need it, so we don’t care about it.

You simply enter your link with your content that contains your new image and hit the debug button.

update facebook post link preview images

On the next screen you will see the image that Facebook has as a preview image for your link. If this doesn’t reflect the newest image you have posted, you simply hit the scrape button, and voila, your image has now been updated.

updating your Facebook post link preview images

Now you don’t have to worry about your Facebook Post Link Preview Images not being properly updated!

-Chris Cunningham
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