How to Use Upviral For Lead Generation with Massive Results

If you’ve not familiar with Upviral, it’s a tool that makes it easy for you to trigger referrals from new leads entering your marketing system or email list. Once you learn How to Use Upviral for Lead Generation, it can produce massive results.

Basically you offer a bonus or anything of value to your new leads in exchange for the passing along of the contact info of their friends or associates whom they think might be interested in the information you are providing.

The Upviral Referral system can take the form of a Giveaway Campaign, Contest or Sweepstakes, Product Launch, or a variety of other promotions. Upviral manages your campaigns with full automation and can integrate with your existing marketing platform.

What’s the Benefit of Upviral For Lead Generation?

Well, first off a personal recommendation is going to be a lot more valuable lead than a cold lead.

On top of that, you’re not paying for the traffic.

How To Use Upviral – An Example

In it’s simplest form, someone enters your lead capture page, maybe from an ad you are running or an email you have sent out to them, or maybe from a social media post you’ve made.

They are then presented with an offer on a landing page that encourages them to get free access to whatever you want to offer, if they refer a certain number of friends by entering their emails.

Upviral makes this fast and east for them and can add lots of bells and whistles via more advanced promotional campaigns. This all adds excitement and can have quite a compounding effect.

Plus, the email that the referral receives is personalized with the name of the person that has recommended you. This in itself can create drastically better results than from that of a cold lead.

Upviral Lead Generation Data – Case Studies

Upviral list lots of case studies on their website. Such as one user who used Facebook Ads to send 385 visitors to an offer page. Those 365 visitors produced over 13,200 email subscribers. Quite an astounding compounding effect.

Imagine the initial ad cost it would have taken to send over 13,000 visitors to that page via Facebook Ads. Many whom would not even opt in to your lead capture page.

And it doesn’t stop there. Individuals who were referred to offer then also see the same opportunity to refer more people themselves. The growth becomes exponential pretty quick.

And remember, no one wants to spam their own friends and contacts, so these are often quality leads that are interested in what you have to offer and will continue the referral process.

So definitely consider adding Upviral to your lead capture process.

Learn more about Upviral.

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