Intent Based Branding in Affiliate Marketing – How I Did It

Here’s a real life example of how I used Intent Based Branding in Affiliate Marketing

So, intent based branding is definitely a hot topic in the world of online marketing right now. If you’re not exactly sure what intent based branding is or how to apply it, GO HERE, for a more detailed article I write on the subject. The purpose of this article is to give you a specific, real world example of how I’ve used intent based branding in affiliate marketing.

I like this example as it’s a situation where my intent was unequivocally and 100% motivated by actually helping others and providing value first. That’s sort of the whole idea behind intent based branding.

Intend Based Content with Affiliate Links

So in this example I created one article and one Youtube video for fellow Tesla owners who were having the same troubles as I was setting up their dash cam drives. After a lot of trial and error, I came up with a great solution for myself. It became a bit of a chore trying to help others by responding to post after post in Facebook owner groups by those having the exact same problem.

So I created content (Blog Article – HERE, Video – HERE) designed to help this audience solve this specific problem. Again, my motivation here was to help, as I had been already doing. But then I figured, instead of referring everyone to generic Amazon links, why not create affiliate links for the two products I had reviewed and was recommending?

So I did. And these were the initial results. 77 sales in the first 24 hours. All with just 2 links posted in one article and in the description of one video. So just imagine doing this with multiple affiliate products or higher priced items. All while helping others and getting great feedback and creating a ton of positivity.

“Thanks Chris for sharing. Followed your instructions and everything works great. Love it.”

– Facebook Comment

And on top of it all, I got almost 5000 YouTube views as of today, and over 350 shares of my blog article, for a very niche subject matter. Even months later, that content is still generating sales, with a crazy high conversion rate.

intent based branding in affiliate marketing
My Amazon Affiliate Dashboard

As it turns out, helping people works. Again, this is just 2 links, with content I wanted to create, regardless of the marketing opportunity. A perfect example of intend based branding in affiliate marketing.

And certainly a way to sell with integrity, as a ton of feedback like this has come in too.

“Thank you!!! I bought the two items you mentioned (from your amazon referral links) and it all works great! That iUSB app is so cool!”

Youtube Commenter

People go out of their way to make sure they buy through your affiliate links because you have provided them value. You’re not sneaking in some affiliate offer, but rather, people want you to get paid. Just a great win-win situation.

So, no matter what product, program, business, or opportunity you are trying to market online, consider utilizing intent based branding. I think most people think of using this type of marketing when selling their own product, but may have not consider using intent based branding in affiliate marketing.

Hopefully this example gives you a good idea of exactly how easily it can work. This will continue to be a core philosophy and a huge part of our marketing system moving forward.

Real Marketing, Real Simple, by providing Massive Value!

-Chris Cunningham

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