John Crestani On How to Make Money Online In One Day with Clickbank

John Crestani Teaches How to Make Money Online In One Day with Clickbank

I recently saw a video John Crestani made on “How To Make Quick Money in One Day Online”. John is an expert affiliate marketer and has his own products on Clickbank, so it was no surprise to me that his video was about just that. Ultimately, promoting his own affiliate marketing opportunity on Clickbank.

Self serving? Yes. Do I have a problem with it? Absolutely not!

John claims to earn over 500K per month on Clickbank and I have no reason to not believe that. So I have no doubt affiliate marketers selling his products are making money.

His video is ultimately a sales pitch, but he does provide value and walk you through the Clickbank affiliate marketing process. With over 400K video views in about four months (at the time I’m writing this), this marketing strategy of his is obviously working.

Pretty much every one of his video’s that I’ve watched has either taught me something, or been thought provoking. So I would never discourage someone from consuming his content.

Is This a Good Long Term Approach

My only caution is that I do not believe the How Do I Make Money Online Approach is a good mindset, especially when just getting started in affiliate marketing. You can read my full thoughts on why HERE.

In the end, is it possible to make money online in one day with Clinkbank? Absolutely. But if you don’t have a long term strategy, you will probably just end up throwing around affiliate links on social media. This will produce some results, but how long will that last before you need to jump to another opportunity or offer?

I’m 100% a believer in affiliate marketing and it being a good way to produce up front cash flow that fuels the rest of your marketing.

The key being learning the simple structure that can be used to sell anything online. And learning Real Marketing and Not just how to Promote. That’s been a hugely helpful distinction for me.

Certainly John Crestani know’s what it takes to be a successful affiliate marketer. He’s producing great videos that follow the same simple 4-Part formula that works for any marketing video. There’s a lot to learn from him.

Learning how to make money online in one day with Clickbank will get you some results for sure. Just don’t be distracted by those immediate results and think you have it all figured out. The quickest and easiest approach in the short term, can run out of steam real quick.

Instead find a long-term strategy that works for you. That you can keep applying over and over again to sell whatever you want.

I’ve found mine. I hope you find yours too. In the meantime, “quick money” affiliate marketing opportunities can certainly work. I just wouldn’t become too dependent on them.

-Chris Cunningham

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