Kartra Affiliate Program Review | Become a Kartra JV Partner For FREE

In this article we’ll cover exactly what the Kartra Affiliate Program is, and how you can join for free. Then we’ll go over why you might want to become a Kartra JV Partner and EXACTLY why it one of my favorite affiliate marketing program.

What is Kartra?

First you must know what Kartra is. If you don’t, GO HERE, to learn more about Kartra. While described as an All-In-One Marketing Platform, it’s really much more. I describe it as a platform that simply makes running your online business a lot easier, while also increasing productivity. Read my article here for details on Kartra Pricing and breakdown on what the true cost of Kartra is.

Kartra Affiliate Program – The Details

The Kartra Affiliate Program pays you for every person you refer to Kartra. Trust me, as soon as you use Kartra, you’re going to want to tell others about it. But you DO NOT need to be a Kartra user to become a kartra jv partner affiliate. It’s free to signup.


The Kartra JV Partner Program pays a healthy 40% lifetime, monthly recurring commissions for anyone you refer. Kartra provides you with affiliate tracking links, email copy, and a variety of advertising materials to use. Refer another affiliate and you get 10% of all of their referrals.

kartra affiliate program
Kartra JV Partner Affiliate Program

Why the Kartra JV Partner Affiliate Program?

Whether you are an experienced affiliate marketer or brand new, you know there’s plenty of affiliate programs out there. So why choose Kartra?

It was an easy decision for me and my team as we are active users of Kartra as well. We’re building our own affiliate programs inside of Kartra, so becoming JV Partners just makes sense.

But if you are not currently a user of Kartra, and never plan on becoming one, does becoming a Kartra JV Partner make sense?

I certainly think so. Here’s why…

Clickfunnels is widely known as a leader in the online sales funnel and marketing world. They have their famous 2 comma club, and their top affiliates have made fortunes. Well, think of Kartra as Clickfunnels 5 or so years ago. Imagine if you got in on their affiliate program back then.

As a newer company (founded in 2018) there is some risk that the company will just not make it, so keep that in mind. While it costs nothing to become a Kartra affiliate, you will be devoting time towards promoting it, so this isn’t a completely risk free venture.

But Kartra is certainly not just some random new kid on the block. It was created by real marketers, namely Andy Jenkins and Frank Kern. And if you pay close attention, you will see many top Clickfunnels users and affiliates, actually using Kartra on the back-end of their funnels. And Kartra has already paid out millions in affiliate commissions.

kartra affiliate program commissions paid
Kartra Admin on commissions already paid (as of July 2019)

While many compare Clickfunnels and Kartra, they are really too quite different platforms. Kartra has not only mastered the sales funnel building process, but also helps you with a variety of other aspects of your online business.

As such, Kartra is uniquely positioned to capture market share in one of the fastest growing industries online. Many businesses are just starting to learn how to take advantage of online marketing and need help doing so.

Kartra just may be the solution so many business owners are looking for, but have yet to hear about. Until they hear about it from you as a Kartra JV Partner Affiliate. So sign up for FREE to get started.


-Chris Cunningham

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kartra jv partner affiliate program

AFFILIATE DISCLAIMER: This review of the Kartra Affiliate Program may contain affiliate links. That means if you click on one of those links and make a purchase, I may be compensated for it. If you do happen do click, thanks! Any compensation we may receive helps us produce articles and reviews like this.

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