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Building a Kartra Affiliate Program Team Through Collaboration

Check out this replay of our first collaborative session from this past Tuesday. We cover our goals and team building efforts under the Kartra Affiliate Program, in this video here:

If you are brand new to Kartra (an all in one Business platform to create, market and launch any business online without hiring a team of copywriters, web developers, designers or system integrators):

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Kartra Admin on Affiliate Commissions Paid


One of the big areas of our focus going forward on this will be creating funnels that our team can use to generate Kartra affiliate commissions. And to generate commissions from products we add to that funnel that people who are introduced to Kartra may be interested in. We may also create a funnel that only helps someone generate Kartra commissions.

This collaboration also seeks to encourage others who know how to make funnels to share those within the Kartra marketplace and community. We discuss these sorts of things in this call. We will continue to have more calls in the future to support those with these goals.

This discussion and collaboration will also continue in the Kartra Affiliate FB Group. You should already be a Kartra JV partner for access to that group, so reach out to me to get added there if you are.

If I referred you directly to Kartra you should have already received instruction on how to be tied to me within Kartra’s JV affiliate program. Over time this will be crucial in order to effectively collaborate together. If you are one of our team members in the Ambassador group and someone else referred you to our team, please get their Kartra JV affiliate link.


If you are new to all this, but interested in learning how to build a funnel as discussed in this call, or just want to use one to build up your own leads list and earn Kartra affiliate commissions, just follow along. Also, make sure to refer to the links above to get up to speed on what Kartra has to offer. This is especially true if you are brand new to Kartra.

Or, as always, reach out to me personally with any questions.

-Chris Cunningham

P.S. Check out my previous article on Kartra as a ClickFunnels alternative.

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