Kartra Marketing System Review: Better than Clickfunnels?

UPDATE: 5/27/19 – Kartra Marketing System “Affiliate Army” – Stay up to date with our collaborative efforts HERE

My first thought when I saw the Kartra marketing system was, whether you are an experienced marketer or just beginning, you need a good marketing system in place in order to succeed. Then I saw Andy Jenkins presentation and learned Frank Kern was involved in the project as well, so I decided to take a deeper look.

The problem has always been that robust and comprehensive marketing systems just haven’t been available or practical for individual marketers. Especially those with limited, or should I say non-advanced tech skills. The skills that the competition always seems to be employing to get an edge.

For many years Clickfunnels has dominated the market, and for good reason. It’s helped many people, who may not have been otherwise capable, build powerful and dynamic sales funnels, that have dramatically increased their results.

But funnel building is only one piece of the puzzle, and its not easy. What about Email Automation? Lead Generation and List Building? Link Tracking? Video Integration? Advanced Analytics? Done for you Marketing Campaigns?

Clickfunnels certainly helps with many of these, but chances are you need another 3, 4, or even more platforms as well. That get’s expensive, and is just too difficult to try to manage.

The Kartra Solution

Enter the KARTRA complete marketing system. Accomplish all of the above and easily build beautiful pages and funnels all in one platform.

Personally, it looks like I’m going to at least be able to eliminate my other email autoresponder and link tracker. That alone almost covers the complete cost of Kartra.

I encourage you take a look at Kartra’s homepage, watch the introduction video and take a look at all the listed features. It’s impressive.

And don’t miss the part about BAM – Behavioral Adaptive Marketing. It’s powerful stuff.

As I dig deeper and use Kartra more, I’ll be sure to provide updates.

Will have more on this on my Facebook Business Page as well.

We can all be more effective and efficient in our marketing. Sharing the resources we love and use regularly is part of that. So please share in the comments the tools you find most beneficial in your business.

And check out some more though of mine on whether or not Kartra is the best Clickfunnels alternative.

-Chris Cunningham
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