Kartra Review: The Best All In One Online Marketing Platform?

If you’re trying to sell anything online, there’s lots of moving pieces you need to integrate in order to succeed. This Kartra Review will specifically address this and whether or not the Kartra Marketing Platform may be the solution.

It starts with the basics of designing pages and having an effective email system that lets you follow up with and segment leads. And of course you need a place to host all this.

Then you need to create products and build your sales funnel to collect and manage leads. Then create automated campaigns to most effectively reach your ideal customer. Add in upsells, downsells, an effective checkout system, membership portals and a help-desk.

And you need a way to track your results throughout, in an organized way, so that you can split-test and optimize your results.

Setting this all up can take many months and can end up costing quite a bit with all the different services and tools you may need. It can end up being quite a headache.

Kartra alleviates these headaches by integrating all these functionalities into one single, integrated online marketing platform. With powerful behavioral adaptive marketing automation throughout.

Kartra’s slogan is “Your Online Business Made Easy.” But is that really true?

In this Kartra Review, we’re going to take a look at exactly what this all in one marketing platform has to offer. Can this platform save you the time and money necessary to make it a worthwhile purchase? Whether you’re switching over from a platform like Clickfunnels, or just starting out, is Kartra right for you?

Published: 8/2/19
Rating: 4.8/5.0

Replace all your marketing tools with this powerful all-in-one marketing platform?

What is Kartra?

Kartra’s self proclaimed goal of “Online Business Made Easy” first hit the scene in 2018, so it is a fairly new company. Genesis digital founded this all-in-one marketing platform. You may have heard of them as they also created WebinarJam.

What differentiates Kartra from the competition is simply the amount of powerful tools that are all provided in one platform. And that seamlessly integrate with each other.

We’re talking hosting, page building, email marketing, campaign building, split-testing, video, checkouts, affiliate programs, memberships, forms, campaigns, you name it. They also integrate with a slew of other services as well.

So, if you’re looking to grow your online business, Kartra can help. Or take advantage of their done-for-you funnels created by marketing legends such as Frank Kern. With ad copy written by Frank included.

Also, keep in mind that Andy Jenkins is on the Kartra team as well. So this is a system designed by real marketers, utilizing powerful behavioral adaptive marketing. Marketing that custom tailors the message your prospect receives based on the actions they take. All on auto-pilot.

Enterprise level automation that used to require Infusionsoft or Ontraport, now available at affordable retail prices. (More on pricing a little later)

Who Can Benefit From Kartra?

In the process of using Kartra and thinking about this Kartra Review, I wanted to determine who really can effectively use this product.

Is this product for everyone? The simple answer to that is NO. If you have a great system going already that you are comfortable with and that does everything you want it to, you probably don’t want to change that.

Switching to a whole new platform just isn’t practical in some cases. But, what’s interesting to note is that we do see many online marketers are beginning to incorporate parts of Kartra into their current system. We actually see this with many top Clickfunnels affiliates (the gold standard of funnel builders), who now incorporating Kartra into the back end of their funnels.

But even more so, Kartra is for those trying to piece their businesses together with a bunch of different tools, often times reaching points of frustration. Those who maybe feel like they are paying for a bunch of tools that they aren’t getting the most out of or that don’t work well together. Or those that may be great business people, but just don’t have the advanced tech skills they think they need to master online marketing.

It’s for people who may feel stuck in their business and just can’t figure out to grow without hiring a team of developers, programmers, and copywriters.

Keep in mind, if you are completely overwhelmed with the thought of creating a marketing system, you have the option to have others simply drop an already up and running funnel right into your Kartra account.

Ultimately, if automating your lead generation and sales processes is your goal, Kartra may be just what you are looking for.

What’s Included? (EXACTLY)

There’s definitely way too much to cover in one article, so I’m going to just walk you through the Kartra Dashboard, which will give you an idea of how Kartra is organized and what the major tools are. Or check out Kartra’s Video Product Demo, or see more on specific features you may be interested in at: KartraMarketing.com

Also of note is that when you join Kartra, you will automatically be entered into their “Kartranauts” training videos email sequence. There’s definitely no need to be overwhelmed by all that’s included. There’s plenty of step by step tutorials.

(click on most pictures below for more details on that category)

Kartra Dashboard

The dashboard is very well organized with a left menu with the major categories, a top menu with detailed items for the category you are in, and then a right help menu. That 54% you see on this first screen shot shows how far along I am in the tutorial.

kartra review
Kartra Dashboard

The first category is My Products (shown above). Add Products here, with upsells and downsells, set up your own affiliate program and track your whole sales process, from initial purchase to final billing.

My Communications

This is where all your email marketing takes place, with plenty of options to tag subscribers and create advanced automations and sequences. All with industry leading deliverability.

kartra review
Kartra Review: Email Communications
kartra review
Kartra Email Automations
kartra review
Kartra: Email Sequences

So when considering the cost of Kartra, make sure to keep in mind you have a full fledged email marketing suite here.

Kartra Pages

Kartra Pages is perhaps the easiest feature to put to work right away. In fact, you can design stunning pages in Kartra, and place them on any site of yours that you want with just one line of code. Check out my Kartra Pages Tutorial for that.

There’s plenty of beautiful templates to choose from with drag and drop functionality. Add countdown clocks, exit pop ups, and plenty of other bells and whistles.

chris cunningham blog
Kartra Review – Page Templates
Kartra Page Builder

Now when it comes to page builders, we’ve all deallt with ones that just felt a little clunky to deal with or just didn’t have great looking templates. Kartra definitely has a great look to all their templates, so that is covered.

When it comes to functionality, the page builder is a bit rigid. In some spots you may have to click 2 or 4 times, when you are used to

Thankfully, there are plenty of different categories of templates, all designed for specific marketing tasks, so you really don’t need to do much customization.

You may just not have the flexibility you are accustomed to. But that’s the price that is sometimes paid for true plug-and-play functionality.

Kartra pages do also come complete with great built in analytics as well. Tracking just got a whole lot easier. This is the type of function that we talk about when we say “all-in-one” and “seamlessly integrated”. It truly is.

kartra review page analytics

Kartra Forms

Pretty self explanatory (i’ll spare you the screenshots). Lots of different looks to choose from. Again with built it analytics that automatically tie into every other part of your Kartra Marketing Platform.

Kartra Memberships

With Kartra Memberships you can create your own customer portal. Decide who gets to see what and when, while tracking who does what and where. This is one of the quickest ways I’ve ever seen to get a membership up and going. One that already ties into your existing leads.

all in one marketing
Kartra Memberships

Kartra Video

You can host your video directly on Kartra, or it integrates beautifully with Youtube, Wistia, and Vimeo.

Kartra Video Options

PRO TIP: When talking Kartra cost (more on this soon), video bandwidth is a limiting factor and one downside to Kartra hosted video. So depending on how much you use, consider Vimeo or Wistia instead. I’m personally not a fan of embedded YouTube video for business purposes.

Kartra Calendars

Schedule private appointments and classes, free or paid, all in one centralized dashboard. Great notification system included.

kartra review
Kartra Calendars

Kartra Helpdesks

Give your customers the support they need with built in ticket systems and live chat. Assign tickets to team members, and even issue cancellations and refunds right from within the Kartra Helpdesk system.

kartra marketing platform
Kartra Helpdesks

Kartra Review – Campaigns

Now we’re really getting to the meat of what we can do. I could do a whole lengthy Kartra Review just on their campaigns. Campaigns are really where everything Kartra has to offer comes together and is perhaps the most important part of this Kartra Review.

But let’s be honest, campaigns aren’t the easiest thing to design. Kartra isn’t going to create some awesome cash cow sales funnel for you by itself, but it will make it a lot easier.

If you’ve never set up a campaign before, take a look at their Done-For-You campaigns. At the time of this writing, there are 7 complete campaigns to choose from. They probably won’t perfectly suit your needs, but they are a good starting point and something that you can model. And they do include video previews of the campaigns, so you can decide if they are right for you.

kartra review done for you campaigns
Kartra’s Done-For-You Campaigns

Or design your own from scratch and easily share them with whomever you want.

kartra marketing platform
Kartra Campaigns

Throughout the design process, the system will remind you of the other assets you have in Kartra that are needed for the campaign. Or if you haven’t yet set them up. It virtually makes it impossible to skip a step.

Again here, as with the page builder, you don’t have complete design flexibility, but once I got used to the way Kartra organizes information, their campaign designer really didn’t leave me longing for anything additional.

Kartra Integrations

Just because Kartra is an all-in-one platform, doesn’t mean it forces you to use all of their features.

Happy with you current mail provider? No problem. Nervous to completely move on from Kajabi? Again, no problem. There’s lots of outside integrations provided, including Zapier!

kartra marketing platform
Kartra Integrations

Paypal, aMember, Authorize.Net, Braintree, Digital Access Pass, ElasticMail, Google Calendars, Kajabi, Mailgun, Nexmo, OptimizePress, Plivo, Postmark, S2Member, Sendgrid, Stripe, Twilio, and Wishlist are all easily integrate-able. And we also already mentioned Zapier, which allows you to do many different custom integrations.

For example, I was able to easily integrate Aweber forms into Kartra, as well as leads I have being generated through Kajabi.

Kartra Agency

Are you a pro designer or managing client accounts? You can manage or co-manage accounts inside of Kartra. Link to existing Kartra accounts or require your client to purchase a Kartra account at whatever markup you want. Customize your agency based on your business model.

kartra marketing platform
Kartra Agency

Kartra Affiliate Promos

This is where you track your affiliate results for any product you are promoting. This includes the Kartra Affiliate Program, as they have their own free program, which I talk about in more detail in another review.


The affiliate promos sections is also where you can offer your own products to other affiliates. Or choose a product from the Kartra Marketplace that you want to promote. Again, all with advanced tracking provided throughout the funnel and seamlessly integrated.

kartra marketing platform
Kartra Affiliate Marketplace

How Much Does Kartra Cost?

I covered the cost of Kartra in detail in this previous article, but I’ll hit the highlights here as well.

Kartra seems to always have a 14 day Trial for $1. So that’s a good starting place.

Get Your 14 day trial for $1

After your trial, the cost of Kartra will vary depending on several factors. Your number of leads, emails sent per month, and video bandwidth being the major factors. As previously mentioned, consider outside video hosting if you are using a ton of video in your marketing (as you probably should).

Also, of note, is that I actually like the limit in emails. It discourages spam and will help maintain Kartra’s high deliverability rate.

Basically, the two main pricing plans for small businesses are $99/month for the starter plan, and $199 per month for the Silver Plan. You can refer to the chart below for specifics. And note that there are annual discounts as well. Those take the starter plan down to $79/month and the silver plan to $149/month. The higher prices plans have even steeper discounts.

kartra marketing platform
Kartra Pricing (as of 8/2/19

One other important factor to consider when analyzing the cost of Kartra is what other services and tools you might be able to do away with.

So consider potential costs savings when deciding if Kartra is right for you and your business.

Kartra Review: Recommendation

The bottom line always starts with price. I feel that $79/month (billed annually) is exceptional value for what Kartra has to offer. Then, as your business grows, you can upgrade as necessary. Don’t let the higher priced plans distract you. If you have that many leads, $500 or $600 is probably a good deal.

When we talk about features and functionality, Kartra is positioned as a true all-in-one platform. One that you don’t need advanced tech skills to use. If that’s what you’re looking for, definitely give Kartra a look.

As with any new platform, some aspects of it may feel different than what you are used to. I experienced that at first with certain tasks within Kartra.

Just keep in mind the powerful automation at play here with Kartra, coupled with a user interface that is actually plug-n-play. What may seem like a nuisance at first, especially compared to what you are used to, actually makes sense once you become more familiar with the system.

I think experienced marketers will come to appreciate the advanced features of Kartra once they start using.

You newer marketers will appreciate the click by click steps and organization in design that Kartra offers.

So if you have been looking for a powerful all-in-one marketing platform, that also simplifies your marketing tasks, give the Kartra Marketing Platform a try. Let me know what you think.

Get your $1 14-day Kartra Trial

Kartra Bonuses

If this Kartra Review helped you and you decide to give the 14-day trial a shot, reach out us at: support@chriscunninghamblog. We’ll add to our Kartra Facebook Support Groups. We’re also working on a variety of ready made funnels to share.

Get an inside look at Kartra Academy and the free training offered HERE.

If this review was helpful to you…..

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