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Watch my video walk-through below of the Kartra Training Platform that covers everything you need to know to Learn How to Use Kartra.

This is a great resource for Kartra users, but I’ll also show you how to access this training platform for free.

If you’re completely new to Kartra or don’t know what it is, check out my Kartra Review, or head to KartraMarketing.com for more details.

Then check out my overview of their training platforms below.

There’s nothing worse than signing up for a service that you never get the most out of, or even figure out how to use effectively at all. Instead, see the exact free Kartra Training that’s provided, showing how anyone can learn how to use Kartra and it’s advanced automation and marketing strategies.

Make sure you don’t miss the last couple minutes of the video where I share some Kartra Bonuses with you and how you can generate monthly recurring income from Kartra. (even if you’re not a paid user)

Kartra Training Video &
How to Use Kartra

So, I hope that video was helpful for you. To review, we all, whether Kartra users or not, have access to two different Kartra Training Platforms.

kartra training
Kartra Training Platforms

Learn how to use Kartra with step-by-step instructions in the Kartranaut Training Program. From creating lists and tagging leads, to form creation and sending emails.

Plus, how to set up pages, create automations, integrate other services, create your own products and add membership areas. Even learn how to create your own affiliate program.

Then check out the Kartra Academy to learn more advanced strategies. Including how to implement done-for-you funnels and automated marketing campaigns.

Watch strategy sessions by Frank Kern. Utilize Frank’s done-for-you funnels and even take advantage of his own ad copy.

Explore a thorough list of FAQ’s that cover all the different tools included with this All-In-One marketing solution.

Then move on to Kartra Academy, which has it all covered. From basic tasks for first time users and first time funnel builders, to advanced and current strategies used by all the top online marketers.

how to use kartra
Kartra Academy’s Jump Start Training

Have a question that you can’t find the answer to? Tap into the knowledge of your fellow Kartra users in their Facebook Group. Reach out to me for access.

Kartra Bonuses

If you decide to use Kartra and signup for their trial, make sure to let me know. So that I can tell you more about the additional resources we have available.

Get your $1 14-day Kartra Trial

Generate an Income with Kartra
(no purchase necessary)

Regardless of whether or not you are an active user, anyone can get a free Kartra JV Affiliate account. Earn, monthly, lifetime recurring commissions by sharing Kartra with others.


Tap into our resources, as we provide support to anyone who joins our Kartra Affiliate Network.

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