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Got Free Leads? If you’re already blogging or posting any sort of articles online, then you already know what its like to have Google sending you FREE LEADS on a regular basis. In fact all the other search engines and major information providers are doing it too. That’s how you make money blogging.

Post an article, and from now until eternity, the internet search Gods will continue to send people to your offers. 24/7/365, with no additional effort on your part.

Call it automated income, the “freedom lifestyle”, or “passive income”, or “laptop lifestyle”, or whatever catchy phrase people are using these days. It really does work.

And you get to decide where these FREE LEADS get sent. Maybe to your affiliate links that pay you affiliate commissions. Do this enough and that alone will generate a full time online income.

Or have the search engines send traffic and leads to your own products or services. Although the easiest path is through affiliate offers, especially if you are just getting started.

Learn how to use this Affiliate Marketing Strategy with any existing business too.

Put this free traffic strategy to use by getting your Affiliate Starter Blog.

The Affiliate Starter blog is perfect for those on a budget that want a simple solution to get a blog up and going. We set it all up for you so you can start generating FREE LEADS right away.

While we set it up for you, it’s your blog, you own it in it’s entirety and can do whatever you want with it moving forward. Of course we help you and provide you with super easy to follow classes that walk you through exactly how to use it.

In fact, we’ll show you exactly how to generate free traffic with your blog. We’re talking about SEO here. Search Engine Optimization. And don’t worry, its not that complicated. Some people make it complicated, but it need not be to get great results from it.

Affiliate Starter Blog Cost

There’s just a on-time set up fee of $99. You will need to have a domain name (usually about $10 a year) and hosting. We have a great hosting solution that costs less than $30 per year.

Learn more about getting your own Affiliate Starter Blog.

How the Process Works

Within 3-7 days of submitting your domain name and answering a few simple questions, you’ll get your blog delivered to you. If you can’t answer any questions, no worries, we’ll help you out the whole way.

You’ll learn exactly how to post content and just how easy it is to start tapping into affiliate offers. Whether it be ones on ClickBank, or other top affiliate programs that we recommend.

Everything you need to do will be laid out for you so you can start generating affiliate commissions.

And you’ll see exactly how you can use your blog to start generating free leads with the exact same process we’ve been successfully using. To drive search engine traffic to your blog.

To get results just like the ones I’m getting. Front page of google in less than a weeks time from posting of the article.

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Not Just Traffic…But The Right Traffic

To make money blogging you need traffic that wants to buy what you’re selling. So we place your blog articles in front of those searching for the content you create. It doesn’t happen randomly but by choosing the right keywords.

The Affiliate Starter Blog is a great place to start for people who may not be ready for a full fledged marketing funnel. But you can still add many funnel elements, such as lead capture pages and sales pages onto your blog.

We’ll show you how you can make it a full blown site that functions just like a complete automated marketing system and sales funnel. You can continuously add more features when and if you are ready for them.

And after purchasing your blog, you’ll see a presentation on how you can upgrade and get our help turning your blog into a full fledged marketing system that will generate an email list for you. We can even give you content to provide to that list, on your blog, with the same offers we already use automatically built into YOUR system.

So when you purchase the Affiliate Starter blog, you not only get a blog, just like this one you are on now, but you’ll also learn how to use it to generate your own leads and your own cashflow. So that you can make money blogging sooner rather than later.

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