Marketing Spam: Are You Producing “Well Meaning” Spam?

We’ve all no doubt seen our fair share of Marketing Spam. I have a whole separate email address just for those types of offerings.

But could we ourselves actually be producing our own “Well Meaning” Marketing Spam?

Absolutely! What do we mean by “well meaning spam”?

There are obvious examples, like sending unsolicited emails. But marketing spam could also be simply posting links in a Facebook group that are only trying to sell a product or service.

It may be a great product or service, but did anyone ask for that sales pitch? If someone has no idea about what you are offering, it will quite often look like marketing spam to them.

Its human nature to get excited about a new opportunity or product or service that we have personally found useful. We assume others will feel the same way. But we need to keep in mind the sheer volume of offers your average person sees on any given day.

That’s not to say that there aren’t times when these types of posts can be effective. But ask yourself, is this a good long term strategy? Is this the most effective way to build my business?

As an alternative, focus on creating your own unique content that provides value to your audience.

It’s really not that hard.

It can be as simple as Modeling what other’s are doing, and utilizing a few Social Media Marketing strategies to ramp up your content.

Random posts just aren’t effective in reaching your audience. On the other hand, valuable content will hit home with your audience, without even offering anything for sale. They will be coming to you instead.

-Chris Cunningham

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