Marketing vs Promotion – How Frank Kern, Grant Cardone, and Gary Vee Get it Right

I mention the names Frank Kern, Grant Cardone, and Gary Vaynerchuck because they all have different approaches, that attract different audiences, but they all have one thing in common. They bring value to their audiences.

They are also obviously excellent promoters. But if they just did that, they wouldn’t be nearly as effective salesman.

The Key Difference Between Marketing and Promotion

That value these three bring is the key distinction between Marketing and Promotion.

Think of marketing as everything you need to do to attract an audience that willfully buys from you over and over again. That seek you out to do so. Why do they do so? Because you have already proven your worth to them, that you will provide value to them. You do this through your marketing and NOT promotion.

There can be a variety of ways you can do that, but it comes down to solving others problems, often times for free. You, in effect, give away some of what you are offering. You show that you are an expert in your field through a steady drip of valuable content.

This is exactly what the likes of Frank Kern, Gary Vaynerchuck, and Grant Cardone do. They’ve grown huge audiences and revenue streams doing so. I consume their content almost daily because they provide me value. And I’ve never even bought a single thing from any of them. But, you can be sure I know what they sell and if I ever do become a buyer, it won’t be from one of their competitors, because they have provided me value.

Actually, now that I come to think of it, strike that. I sort of have bought from Gary Vee, as I picked up a pair of his sneakers, of all things. Don’t get me wrong, Gary can be abrasive and vulgar and isn’t for everyone. But once you get down to the root of his message, he brings a lot of value. At least for me he does. I can honestly say I would never have bought a pair of K-Swiss otherwise.

Frank and Grant have even recently team up together to open their own ad agency based around these same principles.

And Frank himself has even talked about how he has Spied on Grant and Gary for his own content.

Promotion is Important, But Do it Right

Now don’t me wrong, promotion is also key to any business surviving online. Think of promotions as your actual offers, advertisements, sales pitches. No one is going to buy from you if you don’t give them the direct opportunity.

But what if all you ever did was promote? Many take this approach and they end up looking like spammers, sometimes even Well Meaning Spammers. If all you ever see is a promotion with a sales pitch, that person has never provided you value or proven their worth to you. They could have the best product in the world but it will look just like internet garbage.

That’s not to say that with some great ad copy or sales pitch, that a promotion alone can’t sell. But coming up with that great promotion or copy is not easy and is often a once in a lifetime thing for many marketers. So why not stack in odds in your favor but not just focusing on promotion.

Especially in online sales we need to establish a relationship with our audience and build trust if we want them to become loyal customers. Its really the foundation to how you build a business online.

Marketing vs Promotion: My Rule of Thumb

I general find that a mix of 2/3 Marketing, 1/3 Promotion is good. I always recommend looking back at your content, whether it be your blog, or facebook page, or any other social media platform. Look at a specific time frame, be it a week or a month. Do you have a bunch of posts in a row that are sales pitches, or links to sales pages? If you do, you may be overly promoting.

Provide Value with No Expectations

So mix in a constant stream of value added content, that helps your audience. That’s real marketing. Have zero expectations of receiving anything in return. That’s how you know you are providing true value.

When you do, you’ll find people seeking you out and wanting to pay you. As it turns out, people love paying for value.

-Chris Cunningham

If this article brought you value…..

Marketing vs Promotions

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