My #1 Online Marketing Strategy for Success

Free lead generation methods should absolutely be part of your marketing. They help lay the foundation for everything you are doing online. But that’s not my #1 online marketing strategy.

Because it’s not where the big money is.

The big money is in paid ads. It’s why you see all the most successful online marketers, who have the power of a ton of free traffic and exposure working for them, also running paid ads.

There’s really no way around it. YOU NEED TO RUN PAID ADS.

But don’t worry, it need not be expensive (a few bucks a day will generate leads and sales), so long as you have a strategy.

The same strategy that you see everyone successful online using.

This isn’t some pie in the sky pipe-dream. It’s a SPECIFIC STRATEGY.

So What’s the Strategy?

It’s the same strategy you see used by Sam Ovens, Frank Kern, Marie Forleo, John Crestani, Joshua Elder, Jay Shetty, Gary Vaynerchuck….you name it.

#1 online marketing strategy

They key is building a system, or utilizing one, that generates the upfront cashflow you need to advertise. To be able to afford the ad budget you need to attract your ideal prospect. To spend wisely and only ramp up once we have our marketing costs covered.

Once that steady flow of leads is coming in, you focus on increasing your average lead value. We are optimizing the value of our leads.

We call this applying the Predictable Cashflow Formula.

No need to over complicate it. It’s a basic formula used by every online success story and works in every market and niche. Follow this framework and you’ve got it.

Now Let’s Get Specific

This wouldn’t be my #1 Online Marketing Strategy for Success if there weren’t very specific, actionable steps to take. The same steps everyone I previously mentioned continues to follow.

You need to build relationships with your audience to attract loyal customers who then continue to buy from you again and again. And do this in a smart, automated, and scale-able way.

This involves building a list, nurturing that list, and then marketing and selling to that list through automation.

Note that automation doesn’t mean mindless selling. We are BRINGING THE VALUE continuously and solving real problems that our audience has the whole way. But we are using Behavioral Adaptive Marketing to do so.

We then use cash-flow optimization principles to continually decrease our lead costs while increasing our lead value. Everything is automatically tracked and much of this is optimized on auto-pilot once the system is set up.

Isn’t This All Very Complicated?

It sure can be, but doesn’t have to be, if you’re using the right tools.

We’re certainly talking about an extremely sophisticated process. It wouldn’t be effective if it wasn’t.

And guess what? We’re not talking about using ClickFunnels here. We’re talking about KARTRA.

In my opinion, the Kartra All-In-One Marketing System is the most powerful, yet affordable, system we’ve ever had. I encourage you to learn more about it and see how you can develop your own program around it. Or easily plug into someone else’s, or use the same done-for-you funnels that I use. I’m not a huge tech person, and you don’t have to be to take advantage of Kartra.

Ultimately use whatever system or tools you need to apply the strategy outlined above, my #1 online marketing strategy for success. When you do, you’ll be on the same path as every other online success story. It’s really not difficult.

Follow what works. Personalize it to attract an audience. Scale and automate utilizing easy to use resources. Use it for whatever business, product, program, or opportunity you want. Whether your have your own product or love affiliate marketing.

The same strategy applies to all. Real Marketing, Real Simple (yet powerful).

Make sure to continue on to the next article this series on How To Market Anything.

Chris Cunningham

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