Profit Platform Marketing System Review

If you missed my previous review of the Profit Platform Marketing System, head HERE. There I cover exactly what Profit Platform is, how to use Profit Platform and what makes Profit Platform unique.

In short, Profit Platform is a Done-For-You Marketing Suite, but one that you customize, with help, so that you can take ownership of it. It’s a complete marketing starter system to generate leads and sales, but with powerful, yet easy to implement automation at work. So that leads are pre-qualified and automatically entered into pre-built marketing funnels designed and tested to convert.

For the purposes of this specific Profit Platform Marketing System Review, we’re going to evaluate the claim that Profit Platform provides “Everything you need to be successful.” And I’ll show EXACTLY how the system is designed to guide you.

Profit Platform System Review
Published: 5/9/19
Rating: 5.0/5.0

From Starter Marketing System to Advanced Automation all in one package?

We’ll also be answering whether or not Profit Platform really does give you your own complete marketing funnel system along with everything you need to successfully use it. Is it not just some cookie cutter “system” where you’re paying for the exact same thing as everyone else?

Any we’ll cover if Profit Platform really can tap into the one Online Success Strategy everyone who wins online uses, but without having to completely piece it all together yourself.

My Background / Case Study

As someone who has been self employed my entire adult life, I’ve always been doing my own marketing. I just eventually got to a point of marketing overwhelm, where I knew I was missing out on opportunities. Sort of the classic small business owner struggle of trying to manage your current business effectively and do right by your customers, while also trying to grow.

And by grow, I don’t even necessarily mean growing my existing businesses. I was also looking to take advantage of other opportunities. I knew I could help more people and spread my reach by more effectively taking advantage of digital marketing strategies, and learning how to execute them properly.

For me, sometimes learning just means figuring out what I can and want to do myself, versus what I need or want others to handle and perfect for me.

Profit Platform as a Solution

What intrigued me the most, and what has continued to impress me is how a single system can be applied to any business, opportunity, product, or program.

You get to customize your already built funnel, decide what you want to sell, including which affiliate programs you want to use, or utilize the ones already built in.

This enables you to control what you earn per lead, which is the key to wining online.

Profit Platform teaches you exactly how to do this through Cashflow Optimization.

And you’re not just building someone else’s list. This is YOUR own personal list that the system helps you build a relationship with. Complete with personalized auto-emails. So it’s you they come to for more and YOU who can continue to sell to these loyal customer that the system helps nurture.

This is what every other system you’ve used or heard of has left out. Relationship Building through Automation. This is the single most important part of successfully automating any online business.

Utilize content that is created for you, but that you get to take credit for.

You can find my personal introduction to Profit Platform HERE, and can get a Free PDF that breaks down the structure of the system and see the Live Demo. Try to really understand what you are being given here.

Everything You Need to Be Successful. REALLY ?

So let’s get specific here and cover exactly what Profit Platform provides. So that YOU can personally decide if YOU think this is everything you need to be successful.

Customized Marketing System

Duplicate the complete online success strategy with this complete system. Everything from marketing funnel pages and templates to email copy and video scripts if you really want to personalize your funnel. (personalized video use is optional).

Built-In Affiliate Programs

See the top programs currently being used, learn how to get your affiliate links, and then incorporate them into your system.

See Exactly How Leads Are Generated

From free methods to paid ads, Profit Platform gives you a behind-the-scenes look at what marketing campaigns are successful. Follow along yourself, or sit back and watch other top marketers split test and then jump in once you see which methods are most effective. All in real time. Not what used to work. What is working now!

Training, Training, and more Training

So many lessons, I had to write a separate article on them.

Get Your Questions Answered

LIVE support 2 times per week to address your most pressing questions and give you straight forward answers.

Grow & Scale a Business

If your goal is to grow and scale up big, Profit Platform shows you how to leverage every facet of the lead generation and sales process through powerful, easy to implement automation

Brand Yourself

The included high end Branding Courses, takes you from beginner status with no brand at all, or helps professionals re-brand themselves, through easy-to-follow steps that don’t require any advanced tech-skills.

Supportive Community

Gain access to a growing community of marketing professionals all with the same common goals. Network with each other and learn from those who are ahead of you in the process.

Key Advertising Strategy

See turn-by-turn how an endless flow of vetted and quality leads is created. And how you improve your lead value along the way, with step by step instructions.

Everything All In One Place

A streamlined process to master online marketing and lead generation. No more trying to piece together partial systems or employ endless tactics to try to get a customized system working for you.

How Profit Platform Guides You –
Milestone Check-List

The greatest system in the world is only as good as it’s ability to be implemented. And implemented easily.

Let’s be clear here, I’m definitely not saying this is a simple system. It is complex. It takes work. But it is presented in an organized way that guides you step-by-step, so that you never feel overwhelmed. If you follow the process, I’m confident anyone can succeed with the Profit Platform System.

And if you already have some marketing experience you just jump right in wherever you already are in the process.


MILESTONE 1: Weeks 1-4

  • Sign up for the recommended affiliate programs (if you wish) and send in your affiliate links.
  • Have your starter funnel set up
  • Choose a domain name and have your blog set up for you (if you choose to purchase a $99 blog – highly recommended)
  • Set up Your Facebook Business Page and YouTube account.

MILESTONE 2: Weeks 5-8

  • Begin customizing your starter funnel
  • Begin setting up your own personalized auto emails
  • Create your first YouTube videos and Facebook Business page posts
  • Start creating blog posts for free lead generation.
  • Start to identify your niche audience and your message to them
  • Research and follow others inside your niche market so that you can attract the perfect audience for you

MILESTONE 3: Weeks 9-12

After complete the first 2 milestones, start improving on these areas:

  • Customizing your funnel
  • Branding
  • YouTube Videos (create 5 or more designed for your email list)
  • Blog Posts (create 5 or more designed for your email list)
  • Create 1 new Blog post and 1 new Youtube video per week to be used for free lead generation.
  • Create incoming links to your Youtube and Blog content (free SEO methods)
  • Continuing adding more personalized emails into your automated email campaign, with links back to all the content you have now created.
  • Start looking for other affiliate offers that may offer value to your audience.

Optional Add-On: You can now decide if you want to house your own marketing system on your blog or on Kartra. Kartra provides additional Cashflow optimization opportunities. However, even if you decide to use Kartra, it is still recommended you have a blog. You just have a choice as to where you want to call home for your system. There will even be some circumstances where it’s beneficial to have a lead capture and landing page on both your blog and Kartra.

*The following milestones are for those who are using their blog to house their marketing system. You can Later decide if you want to use Kartra too.*

MILESTONE 4: Weeks 13-16

  • Begin to add funnel pages to your blog (Profit Platform Support does this for you). 2 sets of lead capture pages, landing pages, and thank you pages, so that you can start split testing to optimize your results.
  • Add the blog articles that have been created for you to your blog. You leads will be automatically directed back to these articles by the funnel and they will be introduced to various programs that pay you commissions.
  • Customize the blog articles as you wish and add your affiliate links to them.
  • Integrate ClickMagick onto your lead capture page so that you can start tracking lead conversions

You’ll now be able to:

  • Fully automate your lead generation.
  • Add in additional emails / offers of your choosing (your own products if you have them.
  • Use ad tracking and split testing to increase your lead value and take full control of your income.
  • Start advertising with Facebook and other ad networks and do so efficiently because you have all the needed tracking in place.

MILESTONE 5: Weeks 17-20

  • Follow along with current ad campaigns and see what the marketing experts are doing.
  • Begin testing your own ads against the Profit Platform ads and start building relationships with your funnel.
  • Create and test your own lead magnets against the ones provided for you in Profit Platform.
  • You are now working towards scale-ability as you achieve a net zero cost ad strategy.

MILESTONE 6: Weeks 20-21

  • Start adding new affiliate offers into your funnel
  • Continue split testing, increase lead value, and consistently optimize your cashflow.

So in total, a 21 week program, that you can stop and start as needed around your daily schedule. All designed to create your own marketing system that you truly OWN and have control over, but that is built for you with all the help you need along the way to implement.

Is Profit Platform Unique?

Listen, I’m not saying this is the end all and be all solution to all your problems. But I’ve been in business for myself for 15+ years, successfully generating my own income the entire time. So I do have some perspective.

The key for me is to be able to plug into a sophisticated and automated system to generate upfront cash flow. Then you can use that cash flow to grow whatever other business you want. And use this same system to help market that other business as well. You get to decide what that is.

All with significant training ranging from beginner’s branding and social media setup, to advanced attraction marketing and optimization.

Watch the Profit Platform Live Demo

I encourage you to check out the LIVE DEMO when you can.

Just know that this is a current, adaptable system, that you can personally integrate yourself into. In fact you are encouraged to do so and take OWNERSHIP of your business.

Profit Platform has plenty of sophisticated affiliate components. Designed to get the average marketer cash flowing so they can focus on their own business and build their own asset that they truly OWN.

And provide value to their audience like only they can. To attract a loyal customer base.

If you’re serious about Marketing Done Right, Marketing Done Simple, then give my introduction HERE a look, get the FREE Cashflow Formula PDF, and check out the LIVE DEMO.

Get back to me afterwards and let me know what you think.

No system is perfect. And big results take big systems, so there’s no shortcuts. If that’s what you’re looking for, Profit Platform isn’t for you. And it’s not free either. But certainly the most efficient and organized means for mastering online marketing that I’ve seen.

If you are committed to learning REAL MARKETING, Profit Platform is a very thorough and realistic program designed to do just that.


If this brought you value….

profit platform

AFFILIATE DISCLAIMER: This review of the Profit Platform System may contain affiliate links. That means if you click on one of those links and make a purchase, I may be compensated for it. If you do happen do click, thanks! Any compensation we may receive helps us produce articles and reviews like this.

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