Profit Platform Marketing System – Training Area

Profit Platform Marketing System For Lead Generation and Sales Conversion

Below you’ll see my video walk-through of the Profit Platform Marketing System Training Area. There’s 15 Sections that breakdown everything you need to do to effectively follow the Predictable Cashflow Formula.

If you’re not familiar with what the Profit Platform Marketing System is, see my review HERE, and to get the Predictable Cashflow Formula FREE PDF, go HERE.

In short, it’s a done-for-you marketing platform, but one that you are able to personalize and integrate yourself into. It comes with a ready to use funnel, complete with auto emails and affiliate offers to generate upfront sales.

The key being, detailed training to get you the most benefit from the system, while learning to effectively market any business, product, program, or opportunity that you want.

As the focus of this article is on the training provided in the Profit Platform Marketing System, please watch the video below. A written outline of all the training modules is also provided. My goal is for you to know EXACTLY what you’ll be getting.


Profit Platform Marketing System – Training Outline

(as of 6/19/19, subject to change)

Welcome to Profit
– Start Here
– Become An Affiliate for More Cashflow
– Setting Up Your Finnel
– Tour the Training Area
– Marketing 101: Cashflow Is King
– Important Resources
– Before You Continue

Personalize Your Game Plan
– Intro to Personalizing Your Game Plan
– If You Already Have Your Own Products
– Affiliate Marketing
– Network Marketing
– If You’re Interested in Creating Your First Product
– I Just Want to Make Money Online

All About Your Funnel
– Funnel Walk-Through
– Your Funnel’s Built-In Auto Emails
– Customizing Your Funnel
– Optimizing Funnel Customization
– Adding Viral Marketing

Customize Funnel: Click-by-Click
– Adding Funnel Landing Pages
– Change Picture on Cashflow Formula Thumbnail

Building Your List
– List Building Basics
– How to Start Building Your List
– Do You Need a Brand to Build a List?
– Traffic Intro

Free Marketing Methods
– Intro to Free Marketing
– Facebook Free Marketing
– YouTube Free Marketing
– YouTube Supplemental Class 1
– YouTube Supplemental Class 2
– YouTube Supplemental Class 3
– Other Social Media Locations
– Many Chat (Free Version)

Paid Marketing Methods
– Intro to Advertising
– Facebook Ads
– YouTube Ads
– Solo Ads
– Native Ads
– Google Ads
– Many Chat with Ads

Start a Brand
– Why You Want A Brand
– How Far Should You Take It?
– Putting “You” into Your Brand
– Designing Seamless Images with Canva [Intro]
– Create Your Facebook Business Page
– Create Your Facebook Cover [Template]
– Create Your YouTube Channel – Part 1 [Google Account]
– Create Your YouTube Channel – Part 2
– Brand Your YouTube Channel Art [Template]
– Created Branded Images For Your Blog

Email Marketing
– Should You Use Your Own Email Marketing System?
– Free Email System Options
– Suggested Email Marketing Systems
– Best Practices for Email Marketing and List Management
– Create Your Own Auto-Email Sequence [With actual text]
– Empathy Emails

Blogging for Leads & Conversions
– Do You Need a Blog?
– Choosing Target Audience, Niche, Topics
– How To Get Your Own Blog Set Up [For less than $100]
– Creating Articles for Your Blog [Step-by-Step]
– Using Images In Blog Posts
– Using Videos in Blog Posts
– Simple Search Engine Optimization (More Leads)
– Adding Funnel Pages onto Your Blog
– Why and How
– Hiring Blog Helpers at Upwork for other Tasks
– Creating Branded Images for Your Blog
– Managing Comments and Spam on Your Blog

Content Creation & Automated Sales
– Intro to Creating Content
– Copywriting: The Most Valuable Skill in the World
– Croc Talk: Getting Them to Take Action!
– Creating Content for Facebook Posts
– Creating Content for a Facebook Live
– Creating Content for a Webinar or Zoom
– Creating Content for a YouTube Video
– Creating Email Content
– Creating Content for Your Blog
– Selling with Words and Automation

Marketing Optimization
– What is Marketing Optimization
– Ad Tracking and Split Testing
– Tracking Results for Your Free Social Media Marketing
– Using Optimization Tools
– The Most Powerful All-In-One Optimization Solution

Making Money with Affiliate Marketing
– Why Affiliate Marketing
– How to Make Money in Affiliate Marketing
– How to Find Good Affiliate Offers
– Expanding into Other Niches

Intro to Creating Your Own Products
– Who Should and Who Should Not Create Their Own Products
– First Steps Before Creating Your Own Product
– Creating Your Own Lead Magnet
– Choosing Target Audience, Niche, Product Content
– Outlining Your Product
– Best Options for Product Packaging
– Power Tools to Market and Sell Your Own Products

Badass Branding
– Branding You [Advanced]
– Attracting Your Ideal Audience
– Honing & Refining Your Message
– Hiring a Badass Photographer (if you want)
– How to Prepare for a Photoshoot
– Putting YOUR Style in Your Brand
– Captivating Imagery with Canva [Advanced]
– VOICE: Communicating From the Heart (So People Really Listen)
– VIDEO: 4-Part Structure (that works for every video you shoot)
– Art of Storytelling for Social Media Exposure & Impact: I
– Art of Storytelling for Social Media Exposure & Impact: II

Big-Money Marketing Behind-the-Scenes of
– Behind the Scenes of “Guru” Marketing
– Behind the Scenes of Professional Video Shoots
– Behind the Scenes: System Development

-Chris Cunningham

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