Profit Platform System Review

Profit Platform: System for Lead Generation, Cashflow, and Wealth Building

For over 6 months now I’ve been using the Profit Platform System.

What excites me about this system is it’s ability to be applied to anything you are trying to market. Whether it be physical products, services, education, even getting foot traffic into physical businesses.

For all the details on the system, head right to the source at

You’ll see right up front there, the cost associated with the system, as it’s NOT FREE. Nor should it be. We’ll explain some of the reasons why in this Profit Platform System Review.

Published: 3/13/19
Rating: 4.8/5.0

A complete marketing system to automate lead generation and sales online.

Exactly What is the Profit Platform System?

The Profit Platform System is a Done-For-You Marketing Suite. In effect, a complete starter system to generate traffic & leads. With email automation built in to pre-qualify your leads. And pre-built marketing funnels (lead capture, landing, and sales pages). But ones that are personalized for you. Finally, you’re given all the tools you need to success market with your funnel.

Here’s exactly what you get:

  • A pre-built automated system fully customized and personalized for you to generate leads & cashflow in the online entrepreneurial niche (lead magnet, landing pages, emails, sales pages)
  • The option to modify the system we’ve given you to incorporate whatever offers you choose (your OWN products, affiliate offers, new emails, new pages) Whatever you like to make it your own. Or just stick with the pre-built offers.
  • The ability to track Average Lead Value and Average Customer Value and to utilize Cashflow Optimization to increase what you earn per lead. And do so with predictability.
  • The ability to generate your own traffic and scale up.
  • The complete online marketing skill set needed to increase your income on demand.
  • Your own blog we built for you so you can provide more value to your list via email [relationship building through automation]. (Optional but recommended)
  • The ability to create videos (and do so confidently) which provide value to your list so you’re valued, which allows you to employ relationship building through automation on social media and/or emails. This enables you to take ownership. It’s YOUR SYSTEM.
  • Build your own professional brand. As simple or complex as you want.
  • Learn to effortlessly communicate directly to your audience/niche through social media, email and ads so they see, hear, appreciate and purchase from you time after time.
  • One-year VIP access to the Profit Platform classes showing you every step in the process (more on the training provided below)
  • 1-year access to Behind-the-Scenes sessions. See what currently successful internet marketers are doing. See exactly what ads they are running and where they are running them. Following along as they increase their lead value and see exactly how they do it….in REAL TIME.

How to Use Profit Platform

Perhaps the most important part of Profit Platform is that it not only breaks down how to market successfully online, but that is also shows you exactly how to implement the same strategies. In an organized way so as to avoid any possible overwhelm.

This process is broken down into weekly tasks to be completed. So if you are starting out marketing online for the first time, EVERYTHING you need to do is broken down for you.

You’ll never have to ask where do I start. And if you get sidetracked with life and have to put the system down for a bit, no worries. Just start back up where you left off.

Each weekly milestone builds off the previous one, so you never have to worry about taking on something too complex. Yet, in the end, you get all the benefits of an expertly designed and in fact quite complex system, without having to design and implement it on your own.


Training That’s Provided

Just take a look at a quick screen shot of just one of the categories of training provided. And these aren’t just cursory overviews. Each section has multiple modules with detailed training lessons. Learn the ins and out of Facebook Ads with STEP by STEP instructions. Want to reach more people with your Youtube Videos? You’ll learn what to say when, and optimize your keywords for the greatest results.

Profit Platform System

Couple that with LIVE, hands on training sessions and the value of the Profit Platform System just continues to increase.

If you don’t take advantage of the resources and are just looking for a cookie cutter system to copy, this isn’t for you. Are there automated portions of this system that you can massively leverage and in effect copy? Absolutely! The end goal is for you to become your own individual digital marketing pro. As a result, your not tied down to a system based on one product or business opportunity. I’ve tried those systems before. You may have too. Don’t we all know how those end up?

But if you are willing to learn, apply yourself, and take action, this is the type of system that will provide the knowledge and support to further your success. I have no doubt about that!


How I’ve Used the System

One example of how this content can be used in a variety of business’ is how I’ve used it in my real estate business. If you’re not familiar with my background, check that out HERE, but in short, I’ve used it to generate leads for both buyers of my new construction projects, as well as too find motivated sellers of properties for my “flips.”

Community Support

They have a great community and support system on Facebook as well, so reach out to me if you want to get connected to those groups. Couple that with regular live support with the Profit Platform System creators, and I can truly say no one honestly plugged into the system and following the training is left behind.

Is Profit Platform Unique?

This is probably the most important question. What makes Profit Platform unique? Well, it was created from scratch, so there’s that. But ultimately no one part of Profit Platform is revolutionary or better than some of the alternatives out there.

In fact, you could learn and implement everything that Profit Platform does elsewhere and even for free depending on how much time or tech skills you have.

But, in the end, Profit Platform’s uniqueness is that it has it all in one place. Yes, there are other “done-for-you” systems. But are they personalized for you? Are they open to use for any business, product, or opportunity? Do they have powerful automation at work? Are they built for you to use where ever you want? (such as on your blog where you OWN the system)

So far, I’ve yet to find another system that does all that, which is why I personally use the Profit Platform System.

This isn’t a free system, but for a $397 setup fee and $97/month thereafter (current pricing as of 2019), I think it’s money very well spent.


P.S. Many updates to Profit Platform are in the works. For a sneak peak at those, email me at:, and read my updated Profit Platform Review

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