The 8 Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners in 2019

Here’s my 8 best affiliate programs for beginners in 2019. Programs that are free to join and that pay commissions without any investment on your part, other than your time.

Great places to get your feet wet in affiliate marketing!

Most people are surprised at just how many companies out there offer affiliate commissions just for introducing others to their products.

This list is designed for beginners, so my definition of “best” doesn’t necessarily mean the most profitable. My top affiliate programs is another topic. However, one of my favorite affiliate programs overall makes both lists and is the last one in this article.

For the purposes of this discussion let’s focus on programs that are easy to join, have multiple offers with a very wide appeal, and that are easy to get up and going almost immediately. And most importantly, all of these programs will give you a crash course in affiliate marketing. You’ll learn a ton just by being involved with them.

So, here’s the list, with my top individual recommendation at the end.

8 Best Affiliate Programs
For Beginners in 2019

The Amazon Affiliate Program

best affiliate programs for beginners 2019

Earn 2-10% commissions on millions of products. Great promotional offers are included and the amazon affiliate program provides a ton of advertising materials for you.

Great for niche sites or YouTube channels that you may have created.

One nice feature of this program is if someone ends up on Amazon through one of your affiliate links, you earn commissions on everything in their cart or that they buy at that time. Even items you haven’t recommended and don’t even have affiliate links for.

For instance, check out my personal experience with this program and how I easily generated 77 Sales in 24 hour, just by helping others. I even earned a commission on a high end Dyson vacuum, while promoting a $15 memory card.

It’s Amazon. We all know Amazon. No list of best affiliate programs for beginners would be complete without it. They have everything. Get your piece of the action.

(for more detail on the amazon affiliate program check out this article)


top 8 best affiliate programs for beginners (2019)

ClickBank has been around forever. With billions paid in commissions. And always on-time. They operate a secure system with a variety of products available across a bunch of different categories and niches.

It’s virtually impossible to not find something here that you’re passionate about and that you can sell with integrity.

For more details on Clickbank, check out my detailed article HERE.

Ebay Partner Network (not regular Ebay)

ebay partner network

Earn commissions on any one of the 1.2 billion listings eBay has.

You’ll earn a percentage of eBay’s revenue when you send someone to eBay through one of your affiliate links. So long as they make any purchase within 24 hours. Even if the auction takes up to 10 days to end.

You’ll earn between 50%-70% of eBay’s revenue depending on the category of the item purchased.


share a sale affiliate program

Multiple categories with a lot of popular merchants included. Browse the categories across the top and then select any number of individual companies from within.

You’ll find a lot of companies that you recognize that pay generous commissions. It’s just a matter of finding the right combination of brand recognition and % commissions that they pay.

Commission Junction (CJ Affiliate)

Just head to and scroll down to sign up to become a “CJ Publisher.”

Much like the previous program, lots of different industries are represented in Commission Junction.

For example, did you know you can make a commission every time you refer someone to 1-800-GOT-JUNK? Or how about Air France? Or

Lots and lots of options with big name companies and very recognizable brands.


partnerstack affiliate program

PartnerStack is focused on Saas companies. You get a commission when someone buys software from one of these companies.

Companies such as Intuit (QuickBooks), Drip, Evernote, Unbounce, and many more are included.

Fiverr Affiliate Program

fiverr affiliate program

Don’t confuse the Fiverr Affiliate Program with the Fiverr “Refer-A-Friend” Program. If you think you’re already a Fiverr affiliate because you have your referral link, you actually are not. Everyone who registers with Fiverr get’s a basic referral link, but their affiliate program is much, much more.

Tons of marketing tools, link tracking, and affiliate links that are cookied for a full 12 months.

Plus the ability to sign up sub affiliates under you.

If you’re not familiar with Fiverr at all, it’s a one stop shop for a variety of freelance work. Where you can hire someone to design a basic logo or create a video for you, or even write a blog for you.

They offer a ton of digital services across a variety of categories for very reasonable prices. You work directly with the freelancer to ensure you get exactly what you want.

My Top Pick:
“Kartra” Affiliate Program

So this pick is a little different, but is currently my favorite. All the previous best affiliate programs for beginners were programs will lots of different products and services.

This one is one specific product, Kartra.

Why go with a program with just one product? Because, simply put, this product makes marketing all the other products so much easier. It’s a powerful all-in-one marketing solution, that also offers a great affiliate program.

So if you operating in the world of affiliate marketing at all, you’re definitely going to be engaging with people that need this type of product.

You can read my full review what exactly Kartra can do HERE. But for the purposes of this article we’ll focus on the affiliate program and it’s lifetime, monthly recurring commissions.

It’s a two-tiered program that pays a total of 50% of each sale, with monthly subscriptions starting at $89/month. So these commissions add up fast.

Some describe Kartra as a Clickfunnels alternative, but it’s really much more, while remaining at the same competitive price point. Just as the Clickfunnels Affiliate Program has produced millionaire after millionaire many times over, Kartra is now positioned to do the same.

Additional Affiliate Program Resources

Make sure to read my full Kartra Affiliate Program Review, for exactly why it’s positioned for such dramatic growth.

And don’t forget to check out my complete list of Top Affiliate Programs, suitable for beginners, but designed for serious action takers ready to scale up their business big time!

If this article brought you value…

best affiliate programs for beginners

AFFILIATE DISCLAIMER: This review of the Kartra JV Affiliate Program may contain affiliate links. That means if you click on one of those links and make a purchase, I may be compensated for it. If you do happen do click, thanks! Any compensation we may receive helps us produce content like this.

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