The Best ClickFunnels Alternative is Kartra

Do you need a more powerful and easier to use funnel builder? Looking for a system that offers more, for the same cost? Are you frustrated with the ClickFunnels customer service experience and are just struggling to get your money’s worth out of it. Or maybe you’ve been looking for another option, but just can’t seem to find the best Clickfunnels alternative without spending a fortune.

Well, the answer to your online marketing problems, just may be all in one place with Kartra. Build pages, funnels and campaigns. Create and easily manage memberships, help-desks, calendars, forms, affiliates, and more, all in one system.

Take advantage of advanced automation, without needing advanced tech skills. Customize the user experience with behavioral adaptive marketing which used to require Infusionsoft or Ontraport to pull off.

Now Kartra does it all!

( for a full feature review of everything Kartra has to offer, GO HERE )

Why Kartra is the Best ClickFunnels Alternative

Let’s start with price. It’s the first thing you’re probably worried about. So no need to avoid that or try to sell you on something that costs way more than you are willing to pay.

Kartra starts at $99/month (discounted to $79/month is you pay annually. Depending on how many leads you have and emails you want to send per month, you can can upgrade accordingly.

When considering the price of Kartra, keep in mind all the other tools you pay for that you can eliminate once you are using Kartra. Email autoresponders and link tracking services are the first two that come to mind that can save you a considerable amount every month.

Price alone definitely puts Kartra in a position to be the best clickfunnels alternative. But there’s much more.

best clickfunnels alternative
Kartra Pricing – Billed Annually

Full disclosure – one of the limiting factors for you that could results in up-charges is bandwidth. Especially if you are using a lot of video on your pages (which you absolutely should be doing). Easy Solution – But don’t worry too much about that, as there is an easy alternative. If you are using a lot of video, you can just use a Vimeo account to host your videos with unlimited bandwidth, so that you know exactly what your fixed costs will be every month.

What Makes Kartra Different Than ClickFunnels

Now that we’ve talked price and the savings to be had there, let’s consider the other main factors that make Kartra the Best ClickFunnels Alternative.

We covered all the extra features briefly above, but make sure to go to the Kartra Marketing Page to see details on all that’s included. (check out the 14 day trial for only $1 if you want to get hands on).

What truly makes Kartra stand apart is simply the power of the system. To be able to easily create, market, and launch whatever you want online without hiring a team of developers, designers, and copywriters.

That’s right, you don’t even need copywriters and can utilize done for you campaigns, created by Frank Kern. Kartra is the brain child of Andy Jenkins and Frank, so it was created by real, very successful marketers.

The aim of the system is to minimize points of failure in your marketing and avoid the stress of marketing overwhelm.

Kartra’s intuitive user experience will be a game changer for new users. But at the same time, the system packs the power of advanced automation that very advanced and skilled online marketers are looking for.

Unrivaled REAL Support

Perhaps one of my favorite parts of Kartra is the support. Real support from real users, helping each other grow their businesses.

One of the biggest complaints I see from Clickfunnels users is the lack of support. Just not responding to support tickets after weeks and weeks.

Don’t get me wrong, Clickfunnels has helped a ton of people. But as the company has grown and their business model has gotten more complicated, individual support has suffered greatly.

Kartra on the other hand is a community of active marketers, who have all gone through the same pain points, and who have built a culture of help and assistance.

In Kartra’s Facebook groups who will find both advanced users and Kartra corporate reps answering everything from basic how to questions, to advanced marketing strategy and automation.

Or submit a support ticket through your account dashboard. I’ve always gotten a response within 24 hours.

Quite frankly everything you need to get started is provided in their Step-by-Step, Click-by-Click training modules. So there really is no need for support until you get going with some of their more advanced features.

My Favorite Kartra Features

It really comes down to two things for me: Easy Of Use and Automation.

The most advanced and powerful system in the world is useless if it’s not something you can implement. Kartra truly is an intuitive experience with pre-made templates and drag and drop design. Not some cheesy designs. High-end templates, created by real marketers and tested to optimize conversions.

Couple that with done-for-you campaigns with built in emails and adaptive marketing, and you can literally be up and going on your first day.

Perhaps my favorite feature when it comes to ease of implementation is the ability to have a working funnel simply dropped into your Kartra account.

I’m not a huge tech guy. I prefer to focus on strategy, copy-writing, and the business side of online marketing. But I do like the ability to simply and quickly create pages when I need to. Kartra allows me to do that. But then I can lean on others to design, build and optimize my automated funnels and simply place it in my account for me to customize and tweak as I like.

When it comes to Automation, it’s all about Behavioral Adaptive Marketing. The ability to customize the message your prospects receive based on the actions they take. All done in the background, automatically, so that you provide the most value to your customer as possible. It’s true Intent Based Branding done on auto-pilot.

Don’t Forget About the Kartra Affiliate Program

What attracts many people to Clickfunnels, and what keeps them there, is their affiliate program. (Interesting side note: If you pay attention when you’re clicking through funnels, you’ll see a lot of big name marketers using Clickfunnels on the front end, but using Kartra’s power on the back end of their funnels)

Kartra has an affiliate program too. In short, it’s a two-tiered system with 40% recurring commissions for any user you refer, and 10% for any affiliates you refer. GO HERE for full details on the Kartra Affiliate Program.

My Take-A-Ways

Whether or not Kartra is the best Clickfunnels alternative is really a personal decision that you will have to make. That decision will vary from person to person depending on exactly what your online business needs are.

I hope I’ve provided some background to help you make that decision. Not just regarding all the additional things that Kartra can do, and in such a powerful and automated way, but also a little bit about the culture and user experience as well.

You’ll definitely be hearing more from me about Kartra, especially with respect to our team collaborative efforts. We’ll also be releasing numerous built-for-you funnels inside of Kartra, so keep an eye out for those. Make sure to subscribe to this blog for updates.

Talk Soon,
Chris Cunningham

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(***This article contains numerous affiliate links. They are all to products that I am currently using and am very happy with. I would not recommend them otherwise.***)

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