The Key to Understanding Internet Marketing

When it comes to understanding internet marketing, there’s something really important to realize…

No one makes a lot of money without developing skills. That’s just a fact. So, the question then becomes, “What” Skills do I need to acquire and “Where” is the place to go to acquire these skills that will help me reach the lifestyle goals I have. Can understanding internet marketing better, get me there?

Most realize the Internet provides the highest leverage. And if you want to tap into the power of the Internet and its ability to automate a lot of the work so you can scale up big time, yet still have free time eventually with it, then you must develop skills around Internet marketing. Just makes sense, right?

What People Are Missing

Surprisingly, I don’t think most people think of it this way. While this may not always be our most exciting ‘lead in’ to the discussion, this is most certainly part of the message you want to share with people, one way or another.

Along with the fact that unlike other high-paid skills like a doctor or lawyer, this stuff (Internet marketing) will likely never be taught in college (not effectively, anyways).  So, there’s always openings for new people wanting to step in. And you’ll possess a skill that’s in tremendous demand. Also consider, the Internet is still new, relatively speaking. And marketing funnels are still new with many people still not effectively using them at all. This means those who learn this skill are in the driver’s seat of a developing industry that can pay a lot more than many advanced degrees, and with a much better lifestyle/

That’s kind of amazing. Not many people realize all this yet. If you’re trying to break free from a 9 to 5 and start your own business, I can’t think of a more important set of skills to develop.

Where to Apply These Skills

Some may say ‘network marketing’ is the way to go, but to succeed at network marketing you need a sphere of influence. And that’s what Internet marketing lets you do faster and more efficiently than anything else. But not by applying the old-school tactics of network marketing. That doesn’t work online. The methods we teach allow you to build a sphere of influence by leading with VALUE FIRST. So, if network marketing is the way you want to go, because you’ve found an opportunity that you know will help others, the internet can be the most efficient way to do so.

Then there’s investing. Far too few, especially in my generation invest and take proper advantage of the principle of compounding. But it’s just not realistic to have this be your main source income as a starting point unless you have a quite significant amount to start with.

No matter how you look at it, developing the skills of Internet marketing is the smartest way to tap into the most efficient, effective process of creating ‘lifestyle’ income… that’s money that can keep coming in, that’s secure and can scale in time.  Not only can it free up a ton of your time, but it also enables you to live and work where ever you want.  To not be tied down to a physical job in one physical location.

What We Need to Do

Our job it to teach people the merits of all this. To demonstrate the steps that make it happen (including developing our skills and passing on what we learn). And to just continually improve and evolve. Be a part of that and you cannot fail.

In fact, once you truly understand how funnels work you realize you just incrementally improve them until they produce what you want them to, for any business you like. Through split testing you just let the market tell you what to do to make it pay out what you want it to. It brings incredible certainty that I just don’t see any other model come close to providing.  And you also constantly improving not just for yourself, but in order to better serve your audience, your customers.  This brings great satisfaction.

If you stick with this process long enough you will understand this fully and be able to teach it and demonstrate it to others. And that will build a sphere of influence.  People who will listen to your recommendations, because you have already proven you provide them value. Whether it be through affiliate and/or network marketing, or creating your own products, or a combination of all 3 of those.

That translates into lifelong freedom income.  Just by understanding internet marketing.

It takes action.  It takes patience.  It takes following the right procedures.  It’s a very comprehensive process, but it doesn’t need to be a difficult one.

-Chris Cunningham

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