Top Affiliate Marketing Programs To Increase Your Lead Value

Part of our Cashflow Optimization Strategy, previously discussed in this article, is to add additional offers in our follow up emails. Many times this is our own products, but we also incorporate top affiliate marketing programs as well.

There’s broad programs like the amazon affiliate program, but we’re focused on the best of the best.

We carefully choose top affiliate marketing programs that are harmonious with our own main offer and that, in most cases, we are actively using ourselves. This is a great way to increase what you earn on auto-pilot.

This strategy adds a significant amount of monthly recurring income by adding more value to each one of your leads.

But be careful in what affiliate marketing programs you choose. They are not all created equal. Do your research. Make sure they are useful. If they are not, you will alienate your list and they won’t be buying from you again.

Chris Cunningham’s Top Affiliate Marketing Programs To Use

Below is a running list of all the affiliate programs we are currently referring to our list and that most of our team members are using. Many of these we have already built into our team member’s funnels, auto-email sequences, and exit pop-ups, or during the checkout process.

Again, all tools that go hand-in-hand with our own offers and increase overall lead value, while increasing our own efficiency as users of the products.

Some are extremely low priced items that don’t generate much in the way of commissions, but that add a great amount of value to those we refer to them. We include these not only to help our audience, but to build trust and develop a relationship with them. It’s not all about what we earn in the short-term.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE – You too can become an affiliate of many of these programs, for free. Keep in mind that for most, if not all of them, signing up as a user under your own affiliate link WILL GET YOU KICKED OUT. So for those programs you will see 2 links below, one to sign up as a user of the product, and one to sign up as an affiliate. ***Some programs are not open to the public 100% of the time, so if it’s closed, reach out to me, so I can let you know when it’s open again***


Kartra – The Premier All-In-One Marketing Platform

Some refer to Kartra as a ClickFunnels Alternative, but it is so much more. It’s about the same price as Clickfunnels, but incorporates everything you need all in one place, including an email system that is well-known to have the best deliverability anywhere. In short, Kartra is a marketing platform used to create funnels and automate sales, utilizing powerful Behavioral Adaptive Marketing, that customizes the message your prospects receive based on their actions. Done on Auto-Pilot. Powerful automation at an affordable price point. It beats Builderall, Leadpages, and all the other page and funnel builders out there. We’ve also talked to several 7-figure earners in the industry, many who are locked into using Clickfunnels because they’ve been using it so long and are top affiliate earners there. But if you look at the funnels of many of these top ClickFunnels affiliates, you’ll see they’re still using Kartra on the back-end of their funnels. KARTRA is the FUTURE, but you can get in NOW

Learn about the Kartra System HERE

Become a Kartra Affiliate For Free HERE

*$1 (14) day trial available

Definitely one of the top affiliate marketing programs going, paying a total of 50% recurring commissions.

*if you sign up for Kartra either as a user or affiliate, make sure to reach out to me at: and let me know. We have additional resources to support you. With Kartra, that will include done for you funnels that we can simply drop in your account for you to customize, if you are a Profit Platform member.

Aweber – Email Marketing System

If you’re using Kartra, you won’t need Aweber, as Kartra has their own robust email system that has the best deliverability rates in the industry. If you don’t have Kartra, but want to generate your own leads via a lead capture page, Aweber is a great and affordable solution. They have easy to use templates and easy to create follow up campaigns. Just a solid autoresponder for the price. (you must be emailing your list with information that provides them value and that leads them into affiliate offers that you recommend) ***Check out my detailed Aweber Review***

Learn More & Try Aweber Free For 30 Days HERE

Plans start at $19/month with annual discounts and a free to join Affiliate Program.

ClickMagick – Link Tracking & Optimization

Again, if you’re using Kartra you don’t need ClickMagick. If not, you’ll want to be able to track where your leads come from. You can also do a lot of other advanced tracking and optimization with ClickMagick to increase your lead value. A professional level tool, very reasonably priced, with advanced training inside. Lots of “Pro Tricks” to put to use.

Learn More About ClickMagick HERE

ClickMagick does have a free affiliate program as well

UpViral – Viral Marketing to 100x Leads

Upviral is a great way to create excitement in your marketing and it gets visitors to bring you even more visitors. Easily create promotional campaigns, contests, etc, to create massive attention and therefore traffic towards your offer. ***Check out my detailed UpViral Review***

Learn More About UpViral HERE

Free to join Affiliate Program

Fiverr – Affordable Digital Services Marketplace

For more detail on Fiverr, check out my article HERE. I’m a huge fan of simple and affordable solutions to business needs. That’s exactly what Fiverr is. A la carte digital marketing services. Including graphics and design (perfect for logos), writing and translation , video and animation, music and audio, programming and tech, and a variety of other digital marketing services. Get just what you need, for what you want to pay.

Learn More About Fiverr HERE

Fiverr also has a Free Affiliate Program

Web Hosting – 2 Affordable Options

Also along the lines of simple and practical solutions to business needs is web hosting. There’s no need to overpay for it. Unless you’re streaming super high volumes of high def video all the time, almost any web hosting will meet your needs. So focus on pricing, reliability and customer service. My two recommendations are BlueHost & VisitingHost. BlueHost is very well known and very popular, so I won’t go into much further detail there. I also recommend VisitingHost, as it is my personal choice. They are who is hosting this page you’re on right now. Full disclosure, I have had the opportunity to work with one of the owners on various projects. But I wouldn’t be recommending it if I didn’t think it was the best value. That’s why I’m using it. I find their customer service to be top notch. But if you want to go more mainstream, BlueHost is a good option. You’ll just pay a little bit more there. Both have affiliate programs. ***Read more about my VisitingHost experience HERE.***

Learn More about VisitingHost HERE

Learn More about BlueHost HERE

NordVPN – Internet Network Security

If you’ve never had a security breach or data stolen, then you may not know much about virtual private networks. That’s what NordVPN provides. I’ve been using them for years now. Very affordable and easy to use service across all devices from mobile to desktop. Data breaches are only becoming more frequent, so why not protect yourself with a VPN. They do have their own affiliate program as well. *Read my full NordVPN Review HERE.

Learn More about NordVPN HERE

Solo Ad Providers To Drive Traffic

Solo ads are NOT my most favorite way to drive traffic to your offer, but they can be effective. Just make sure you READ REVIEWS, check references, and communicate with the vendor before placing an order. Try to find someone in your niche. 2 vendors that I’ve used before that have a lot of choices include Udimi and TrafficForMe. Both have their own affiliate programs. Not the greatest quality leads, but a good way to get them in bulk. Definitely works better with certain offers more so than others.

Learn More about Udimi HERE

Learn More about TrafficForMe HERE

In summary, if you can afford Kartra, it serves the purpose of many of these tools all in one place. It’s a key component to my #1 Online Marketing Strategy For Success.

-Chris Cunningham

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