Try Fiverr for Affordable Digital Marketing Services

I’m a huge fan of finding Affordable Digital Marketing Services

For example, I use FIVERR for all my logo design work. The 3 logos below cost me a whole $40 total. And that was for the upper tier package with transparency and multiple edits. Why not take advantage of such affordable digital marketing services?

affordable digital marketing services

It’s a quick and easy way to give your business a professional look. The FIVERR designer I used for these goes by the username: davidkm87. Feel free to model my logos is you want. Every designer has reviews you can read and is rated by a Level System.

FIVERR also offers a ton of other affordable digital marketing services, ranging from all sorts of graphic design and video services to basically every facet of online marketing you could think of.

Consider Your Content Type First

Now that’s not to say I would recommend them for everything. I just know when it comes to design work, where I can already see someone’s work beforehand, its a no brainer.

When it comes to more advanced marketing such as writing sales copy or ads, advanced SEO or website building, its probably not a great idea to go with the lowest cost provider. But FIVERR does also have “Professional & Verified talent”, that apparently only includes the top 1% of vetted talent.

So definitely consider FIVERR as a good and affordable digital marketing services provider. I’ve used them for logos, animated text, and some YouTube video intro’s and outro’s, and have been very happy with the work.

If you’re going to use some of their more advanced services, where quality of service may be a little more subjective and harder to verify, stick with their “Pro Verified” talent. Not the lowest cost, but still very affordable overall.

Why waste resources where you don’t need to. There’s plenty of other places to invest in your online business.

-Chris Cunningham

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