Use Affiliate Marketing To Help Your Online Business

Affiliate marketing isn’t a new industry. It’s predicted to grow to be a $6.8 billion dollar industry by 2020. But unless you’re an active affiliate marketer yourself, you probably have no idea how you can use affiliate marketing to help your own business. Your current, maybe struggling business. And you may not realize how quickly you may be able to turn around your results.

In this article, we’ll cover the two distinct ways in which affiliate marketing can help save your business, no matter what industry or niche you may be in.

Affiliate Marketing Creates Cashflow

All businesses, especially online ones, need a constant supply of high quality leads to survive. The problem becomes generating these leads and the cost of advertising associated with this lead generation, that many businesses just can’t afford.

Yes, there are free marketing methods, especially online. But if you’re already running a business, its not like you have a ton of free time to devote to these free marketing methods. If you do, you’re just neglecting other parts of your business. It becomes sort of a vicious cycle.

But if you could, at the very least, be breaking even on your marketing costs, while generating new leads in the process and before you even tried to sell your main product or business.

Surely having new people coming through your lead generation system every day would help your business. Now imagine if you had already made a profit on these leads before they were even introduced to your main business.

This is how you can use affiliate marketing to help your business. It pays you to build your list. It allows you to increase your average lead value. To generate the resources you need to up your ad spend and generate even more leads and customers.

How to Implement This Strategy

It starts with finding an affiliate product that fits well with your existing business. That compliments it. That will provide value to your ideal customer base.

The more value the given product you choose provides, the greater the results. So choose your affiliate products wisely.

When stuck for ideas, look to places like ClickBank. And we can help you come up with ideas too. You’ll probably be surprised at how many very reputable and popular companies also have affiliate programs.

For example, many are becoming Kartra Affiliates and generating thousands per month in recurring commissions.

Next, you create an ad campaign that targets an audience that is interested in the affiliate product you selected. If you put some thought into the product you choose, this should be an audience related to your existing business that you should already be very much in tune with. An audience you are uniquely qualified at helping.

The ad campaign then takes these prospects to a lead capture page, where you clearly identify and display in an appealing way the problem that you can help them solve, if they enter there email to get more information. They are now in your marketing funnel.

Once they are in your funnel, you continue to offer them value, thereby building a relationship and earning their trust.

More importantly, you can quickly recommend the affiliate product that already has its own well converting sales page. Trust has been established, they are open to your recommendations, so now you can start generating quick commissions with affiliate offers.

You now have a system for predictable and upfront cashflow.

Over time, you then build your own sales pages and offers that compliment the affiliate offers. But hey, if you’re running an existing business, don’t get too preoccupied with that. The affiliate marketing model will be a much faster solution.

And that’s really it. I hope this article helps you on the path to use affiliate marketing to help your business, whether online or offline.

-Chris Cunningham

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