Why I Use QUORA As a Marketing Tool

Are You Using Quora as a Marketing Tool?

So, if you’re not familiar with Quora, it’s basically a question and answer website that covers a multitude of subjects. But it has also recently been evolving into a very powerful resource for internet marketers. Here’s how you can use Quora as a marketing tool.

Aside from the networking that takes place on Quora, I love using it to help me identify the problems and needs of my target audience. There’s no better way to find out how I can help others, than by seeing exactly what questions they are asking. Intent Based Branding is a pillar of my business, so knowing what problems to solve, is absolutely crucial for me.

Once you get the hang of Quora’s interface, you can start to focus on the subjects and fields of business that you are involved in. You then get to directly engage with those that may need your help. Those that are in fact actively looking for help.

That’s not too say everyone is a potential customer, but if you are employing a value based marketing approach, it’s a great platform to do so on.

You will, in time, generate leads. Then it’s up to you to make sure you have a system in place to process those leads and convert them to sales.

Quora For Content

If you’re stuck and looking for ideas for content, Quora is also a great place to look. Again, it comes down to knowing what people need. After perusing the site for a while, you’ll start to see what similar questions are popping up over and over again. Which ones are getting the most answers. Which ones are NOT getting many answers, which may indicate an area of need.

The key for me in getting the most out of Quora as a Marketing tool, it to just keep focused on a few subject matters. Don’t spread yourself too thin. Stick with what you know, areas where you have the most expertise. This is where you will be able to help the most and provide the most value.

That value you provide is what will attract loyal customers.

And it really doesn’t take long to start gaining some major traction on Quora.

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