Why That “Make Money Online” Marketing System Didn’t Work For You

If you’ve ever promoted any kind of “make money online” marketing system, even ones that you know have worked well for others, but that didn’t end up working so great for you, this article will explain why.

We’re going to take a look at how money gets made using any sort of “pre-built” or “done-for-you system”. More importantly, lets talk about what you need to do so the next make money online marketing system DOES work for you.

This applies to affiliate marketing and network marketing systems, or any other online marketing system you may get handed that includes everything you need to market any given business, product, or opportunity.

Why Do They Work For Some, But Not Others?

Here’s the lowdown.

The people that they work for have already, probably before you were ever involved, provided value to a group of people and done so consistently for a good deal of time. This could be via social media or through email.

So when they implement a quality system that sells a good product, they get results, and make good money.

That person has already established a relationship with an audience and earned their trust. They could almost offer anything and get results. So long as they don’t offer something of little value that will quickly turn their audience against them.

So ask yourself, did you already provide value to a significantly sized audience, for free, over a course of many weeks or months, before implement this latest “marketing system?”

Is the answer is no, then that’s why you didn’t get the same results as those who did.

Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Subject Matter Counts – Stack the Odds in Your Favor

In case this isn’t obvious enough, do what you can to appeal to the most people. So it certainly helps if the value or information you are providing is related to the overall topic on online marketing, or a specific opportunity related to that subject. No matter what niche or business people are in, they have to know how to market online. So you can always help with that.

At a minimum, make sure there is a group of people that will appreciate what you are providing them. That the information you are passing along to build trust is helpful to them. More specifically, that it helps solve their problems. Whether that be via social media or though your auto-emails.

Inspirational posts aren’t going to cut it. Insightful personal development strategies won’t do it either. They may get lots of likes, comments, and shares, but that doesn’t equal sales.

Passing along other peoples content or just common knowledge isn’t going to cut it either. Take the time to offer something substantial, something original. That’s how you build trust and loyal customers.

That’s not to say that there aren’t ways to take credit for OUR CONTENT to help build trust with your list and help grow it.

But the System Said….

It said I could just advertise or post about it online and it would give me leads and get sales on it’s own.

Does that really seem like it would work? Maybe if you have one hell of a new and awesome product.

Here’s why that doesn’t work

These type of systems don’t cultivate a relationship with your audience, and do so with automation. That’s what you need to succeed online. It’s the heart of Intent Based Branding.

Even the most exciting and well hyped marketing system doesn’t establish trust with a new audience on it’s own. It just works with those that already know you and may trust your recommendation.

But it could still work….

If you’re still holding out hope, yes, you may get some sales if you pump enough traffic through it. But consider the cost of doing so. Either in ad spend or time spent in free promotions. It won’t end up being worth it.

Unless you truly have got nothing better to do.

We’re here to utilize life changing marketing systems that leverage the power of the internet. Not just to kill time.

The only way to do that, utilizing the same success strategy that everyone winning online is using, is to build relationships with your leads through automation.

Click for a permanent solution and clear path towards achieving this.

But They Said this System is Great at Relationship Building…Yeah, for the Person Who Created It, NOT YOU

So you use a system, get some good upfront sales and you think everything is great. But the sales quickly dry up, while your costs increase.

Here’s what’s happening. You’re helping the system creator build relationships and probably their own list, instead of yours. Then they are selling on the back end to what you thought were your leads. They then continue to sell to them over and over again, and not just the opportunity you thought you were promoting.

That’s how most of the money is made. They are increasing their lead value, maybe even at your expense. You are not building your own business, you are build theirs.

It’s a great strategy, one that we call Cashflow Optimization, that allows you to consistency and predictable increase what you earn. Most marketing systems just don’t allow you to tap into it on a personal level.

And you can bet the system creator is following the same Online Success Strategy I mentioned earlier.

It will only WORK FOR YOU if YOU are the one building the relationship with YOUR list that you OWN. Most system just don’t do this. Not always because they are trying to steal you leads. But because it has always been just too hard to get it set up properly.

So, its only natural that the person doing all the sales videos and designing the system is going to be the one building the strongest relationships with prospects. They will be the one attracting the most leads.

And that’s ok. There’s lots of good systems where you benefit from someone else drawing people in and thereby increasing your commissions.

But That Can’t Be it

You just must realize that you won’t get the same results as others, no matter how hard you work, if you stop there.

You have to be the one introducing the system and building the relationships through an automated process.

The value they are receiving over time to build trust needs to be coming from YOU. This is how you create a loyal customer that seeks you out and continues to buy from you again and again. So long as you keep providing value.

This is how you get the results you are seeking.

The big results you see others getting.

This is the system we use ourselves. That you can also use so that next “Make Money Online” Marketing System will work for you too. Learn more about it.

If this article brought you value…..

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